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  1. Gauze

    What should i do in this formula?

    Hi Guys i need help to make this 2 formulas work 1º I need the cannibalism Skill to attack the opponent but also give the user 20% HP and debuff Magical defence. 2º I want to Unlock the Skill of Firebreath but only when you drink the Dorankumonki in combat, and after the combat the...
  2. Gauze

    Autocorrect on RMV

    I'm Writing my Game in English and i have a bunch of Spelling errors i have to use Online Text Correction to make dialogues and that's thrice the job I should have. I think there should be an update or a plug-in that use auto-corrert directly to the dialogue text. Like in word were puts a...
  3. Gauze

    Change Game Window Board

    Mii Misters and Sisters does someone know how or if i can change the window board color?
  4. Gauze

    How do i Make specific Battle theme songs for my enemies.

    I need to know how to make specific battle Theme songs for my enemies like i can put overall Battle song but i want each one of my enemies to have his own theme.
  5. Gauze

    Command Activation Via Keyboard

    Hey i need to know if there is a feature or a way to activate and Deactivate a plugin like i have a HUD Layer and i want to show when i need to have a quick lock and hide when i dont need, can someone help me with this minor issue? :D Im using Mog_actorHUD Plug in. Show/Hide Buttom BD
  6. Gauze

    Front View Plugins for MV

    Can somebody suggest me a list of MV visual front view plugins? Mine is super Standard and i want to improve the beauty of the Battle system Design .
  7. Gauze

    Need Portrait

    Hey Mates i need a favour   if some one is willing to make a almost full body of my charecter for free it would be cool i would give credit off course. I Just need above the chest portrait. Amateur or Pro i thanks the Help. I need them Tan Skin and Happy. (The First Dude has to have bright...
  8. Gauze

    Charecter Selection Help

    Hey dudes i need help upgrading my intro, so i have character Selection and i can choose between Male, Female and Bigender and let the player choose a name, that all is done. But it's too visual Boring, i want to make a better looking Selection. Can some one Help me Implement a way for doing...

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