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  1. Red_Nova

    Numbers do not change

    For some reason, if an actor's HP or MP is at or below 20, the current value does not change. Here's an example: Any idea how to fix this?
  2. Red_Nova

    Soul Sunder

    Overview:   Soul Sunder is the story of Zero, a young woman whose life was shattered when she unintentionally sets in motion events in her childhood that left her village destroyed, her brother dead, and her best friend crippled for life. Nine years later, Zero receives a letter from an unknown...
  3. Red_Nova

    How to get the updated Luna Engine on RMW Storefront?

    Another day, another question, another topic.  I see that the Luna Engine has been updated. I'm trying to figure out how to get the new version. I bought it at the RMW Storefront, so Steam's solution won't help me. When I go to my account to download the engine again, I always seem to get the...
  4. Red_Nova

    State Popup Question

    When I used Yanfly's Damage Popups function in a project before I got the Luna Engine, I could add <popup hide add> or <popup hide rem> to prevent a state from showing up in the battle screen. However, those tags are not working with the Luna Engine. For the record, I took the Luna Engine Base...
  5. Red_Nova

    Remnants of Isolation

    REMNANTS OF ISOLATION:     Download the Contest Version: Download the Deluxe Version: STORY OVERVIEW: Magic is a curse. A plague upon the world and those that live in it. Those that are born with...
  6. Red_Nova


    Hey RMW! I'm Red_Nova,  one of the guys behind Remnants of Isolation, the winner of the 2014 IGMC. After lots of urging from several people from RMN and others over the course of several months, I decided to go ahead and make an account here and bring over RoI as well as my own personal...

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