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  1. WNxTyr4el

    Searching for a Specific Tileset

    Okay so I wasn't sure if this should go here or in Resource Requests.  I'm not technically requesting someone make me anything so I thought it might just go here.  Mods, please move it if it's not in the right place. Good, now that that's done.  I'm looking for a tileset.  The author I believe...
  2. WNxTyr4el

    Beginner Scripts?

    Are there any beginner scripts that a newbie should write for RMVXA? I'm just learning and I'm finding it really interesting but it'd help me more if I had ideas of simple beginner scripts to write :)
  3. WNxTyr4el

    Introduction Images Request

    Hey all. I figured I'd try posting this here because most of my requests have gone in answered so maybe someone who lurks this forum can help. I need intro scenes/pictures/illustrations/drawings to match the intro in this video The style I want is kind of in the brushed style like so...
  4. WNxTyr4el

    Skills Causing Skills to Deal Bonus Damage

    Basically I need help doing what the title says, lol. Skill X causes Skill Y to deal bonus damage the next time it's used.  How would that be done?
  5. WNxTyr4el

    Requip Skill Help

    I need help with a skill type I have.  I have a Requip skill type for one class and a few stances for the warrior class.  I only want the player to be able to have one up at a time.  How would I accomplish that?  I know it has to be through common events but I can't figure it out.  I'll post...
  6. WNxTyr4el

    Blood Animations

    Hey everyone, I need some animations of Blood type attacks. I have a Necromancer class in the game and the animations are for him This is VXA btw. Thanks!
  7. WNxTyr4el

    Indoor Overlay Lighting on a Scrolling Map

    So I can do an overlay for indoor lighting on a default size map, but how do you make it so it doesn't scroll with the map and locks in place?  Haven't been able to find anything on that.  Thanks for the help in advance!
  8. WNxTyr4el

    Hand Holding

    Thinking back on my first game, if I did not want a player going to a certain area because the enemies would be too hard then I evented them out of that area basically. I'm wondering if that's a good idea or not. Or if you should basically let the player explore if they want to. This is a topic...
  9. WNxTyr4el

    Pulling on Them Heart Strings

    In my new game, I'd like for there to be attachment to the characters.  I'd really like for the player to experience sadness and maybe even shed a tear or at least get the feeling that what is happening in the game is tugging on their heart strings a little.  The only thing is...I'm unsure how...
  10. WNxTyr4el

    Help With Class Choices & Requirements

    So in my game I have four starter classes. Typical warrior, Sorceror, thief, ranger classes. I'm using Yanfly's classes system which allows secondary classes. But I'm having a real hard time deciding when to unlock classes and what classes may be pre requisite (if at all) to unlocking. I thought...
  11. WNxTyr4el

    Need Emo Face Sets

    Hey everyone. This is for VX Ace. I need Emo face sets for all of the Actors, People, Monsters, Spiritual, and Evil sprites. I have a few of the actor ones already as I found them on grandma deb's resource list. I know all of Actor 4 is covered there but I need the rest. Thanks a lot!
  12. WNxTyr4el

    Help with DS Pack

    I just got the DS Resource Pack and I think I'm having problems with the tilesets.  They're labeled just fine, but there seem to be A LOT of transparent tiles.  I can't tell what I did wrong or if I even did anything wrong.  If anyone has a sample map using the DS pack, I'd appreciate it. ...
  13. WNxTyr4el

    Advanced Light Effects Help

    So I'm thinking of having advanced light effects in my game but I'm having trouble figuring out how to achieve this. I've looked at VEs light effects script as well as Khas' light effects script but I don't know if that's what I want. It's not a horror game so I don't want absolute dark. I'd...
  14. WNxTyr4el

    Map Making Tips for A Noob

    So I've made my first game pretty much out of the pre generated maps. Which is really nooby but I used them to see what the possibilities were. But I'd really like to start making maps using shift click and everything. Other than that does anyone have any map making tips?
  15. WNxTyr4el

    Thinking of a Different Battle System

    So I'm thinking of using a different battle system but can't really decide which one to use. I like Turn based as that's really the only type of game I used to play on a handheld device (Dragon Warrior Monsters, Pokemon, etc). But action battle ones seem cool too. Are there pros and cons to each...
  16. WNxTyr4el

    World Map vs. No World Map

    Sorry if this has been done. Couldn't find anything on it. For my next game (current one is almost done), I'm thinking of doing a world map like in Crysalis (only one I've played). What do you guys feel about it? Does a world map take away or add to the immersion for you? Does it deter from or...
  17. WNxTyr4el

    Skill Trouble

    As I make skills for classes, I'm having a real hard time figuring out how to make them unique for each class.  I haven't made many so far, but in doing so I've stumbled upon a question: "What's the point in making different skills other than the default ones?  All you're doing is changing...
  18. WNxTyr4el

    Back to Basics

    I've gone through my entire first game not knowing really what Class Features are.  I know there are default ones and I didn't mess with them for fear of sending the game into a never fixable state of imbalance.  I've looked at videos, tutorials, links, everything.  But I don't get it.  Do the...
  19. WNxTyr4el

    [VXA] Skill/Spell Sound Effects

    Hey everyone. I need some more varied skill sound effects to make more animations with. Could anyone oblige and do this for me? I need pretty much everything and anything so I'll take whatever you have, make or can link me to. Thanks!
  20. WNxTyr4el

    Addon To Fomar's Secondary Classes Script

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for someone who can do a simple menu change once a secondary class has been selected. I just want the menu to display the actor's secondary class after a /. For example, Actor 1: Primary Class/Secondary Class. That's it really. I don't know how to do it myself and I...

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