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  1. m4uesviecr

    Cambridge Series (Veront Ashk)

    Long time no chat! I have been very busy: taking on composer jobs, getting ready for school, editing a book... Not to mention losing nearly 70% of the data for this game! That is the reason for my absence, because I have been devoting a lot of time (when it can be found), to getting Cambridge...

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Fekken kill me. I unknowingly swapped out two important events's codes and saved the game to test it. I'm just doing this for fun and the fun has now been replaced with excruciating torture.
Is this how game developers feel all the time?
Coffee + Silk Coconut Milk + Splenda Zero = Not ..... awful :/ .
My new RPG Maker music pack, Emotional: Redemption, is now in progress and will be coming to RPG Maker soon. It is an album that focuses on emotional themes including the darker forms of sorrow and despair. Below is a demo of a composition from the album.

Please watch out for your hands when handling chests! XD Did this a few days ago, it was fun to animate

Apparently, it's illegal to be drunk on licensed premises: pubs, etc. It's illegal for keepers of public houses to permit drunkenness and disorderly conduct. lol.

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