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  1. Chaneque

    How to start a game

    How do you start a game? Do you have a cutscene? Do you throw the user straight into dialogue? Or into a battle? I'm currently struggling as to how to start my game (at current it just jumps into a middle of the conversation the characters are having that sets up the entire game - it's a short...
  2. Chaneque

    Feeling like your game sucks

    Hello everybody! :)  I like to make games, and to write, but the problem is, I have a lot of issues with both because I start to feel like my game really sucks. Does anybody have any advice for getting over this? It makes me feel like I want to stop working, and it's really tough to keep going...
  3. Chaneque

    MV Character Portraits?

    I'm looking to see if there are any larger portraits of the default hero facesets from RPG Maker MV, portraits such as I haven't been able to find any for RPG Maker MV.
  4. Chaneque

    MV shows white screen, not responding

    So I pre-ordered MV, downloaded and installed it today, all looked good, but when I open it, it shows a white screen and then says "not responding" and I've tried waiting it out but it won't respond. My computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate. Please help!
  5. Chaneque


    So, I have the full version of Ace but a friend of mine only has Lite, so I installed Lite so I could help him out with his game. I've removed Lite now that I don't need it, but now all my projects are showing up as .rvproj2 and won't open. Help?
  6. Chaneque

    Music with vocals?

    What do you think of vocals being used as game music - not just one or two or three tracks, but a whole soundtrack full of them? Notable examples I can think of are Persona 3 (probably Persona 4, too, but I've not played that or heard the music) and The World Ends With You. I can't off-the-cuff...
  7. Chaneque

    Kumori's Writing Dump

    Where I dump my half-decent literature, lol. There's not much to say apart from the fact I usually focus on the same characters in the same universe, so that's why (if they're named) you'll see them over and over. Queen of the Night [Poetry] Gabriel [Flash Fiction] We Know [Flash Fiction]...
  8. Chaneque

    Charm state?

    How do I create a charm state, where the enemy won't attack the caster? There's only one player that can use this skill, so maybe that'll make this easier. Sorry for the lack of information. If you need more, I'll provide it.
  9. Chaneque

    Simple Recolour Needed

    I need the green-haired boy from People1 in VX/Ace to have brown hair and for his orange whateveritis to be changed to pink. My attempt, sadly, has fallen completely flat. Thanks for anyone that can help me in my total fail moment XD
  10. Chaneque

    Equipping Shields

    I want classes like Monk, Witch and Samurai to be able to equip shields, but I don't know how to. I changed the term for Shields and I'm using it for pins that increase attributes, and I put them under General Armour, but I can't get them to equip on those classes. Help? And all the classes can...

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