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  1. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Identify This Script~ Help!

    Hello Gamedevs and Gameplayers! I remember there being a script for RPG Maker VX Ace out there that essentially took the tiles and changed them from blocky and square to diagonal and natural looking. It only did that with A1 and A2 tiles (so it only affected water and land tiles). I have...
  2. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga [Steam]

    You can purchase the full game or try the FREE Demo on Steam: Description Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga is a charming RPG with an epic, twisting story, containing intricate characters and cinematic...
  3. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    White Square Enemy Glitch

    All, I sent out the encrypted file of Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga to my Kickstarter backers for playtesting. ONLY ONE of my backers has this problem, with this specific ghost enemy, in this one cave. The problem does not arise in any other cave...
  4. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Encryption Discussion

    All, Since I intend to release a commercial game *eventually*, I've been looking into what comes after game creation has been finalized.  I'm seeing many, many opinions on Encryption, and that there are "degrees" of encryption.  What is the acceptable route to go?  Do I have to hire someone...
  5. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Direction Based Line of Sight Crash

    Hello All, In my dungeons, I use visible enemies which chase the player as per Infamous Bon Bon's Direction Based Line of Sight Tutorials.  This is VX ACE... The only problem that I run into is if I "pull" two enemies into battle at the same time.  When that happens, it goes to battle...
  6. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Tumbleweed Sprite

    Does anyone know... does a tumbleweed sprite exist in the universe, and where can I find it?  For VX ACE, and only wishing for it to go left-to-right (in the case someone wanted to make it). Luke Golden Unicorn Gaming
  7. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Website for Commercial Use

    A question for all of you present and future commercial sellers.  I'm going to begin work on a website, and do you find it easier to create a "commercial website" that actually allows you to sell your game directly, or do you have a "nonpayment site" that links to someone/somewhere else who...
  8. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    HP Display on Menu

    Community, I use VX Ace and have Yanfly Ace and Yanfly Core Engine... This is probably easily solved.  My main character just recently hit 1000HP+.  When I access the menu, it no longer shows the HP as... 1008/1008. Instead it shows... 1008.  See here... When he is below...
  9. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    HP Bar Script Edit (Centering Large HP)

    Hey all,  So I am using this visible enemy bar and visible HP by V.M. of D.T.  I use Yanfly core and Yanfly Ace and obviously use VX Ace. I was wondering if anyone would like to take a crack at throwing a line or two in there that CENTERS the numbers.  With this script, as the HP on...
  10. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Armor Golem Battler, where did it come from?

    Hey all, I was wondering where I got this Armor Golem battler from?  Anyone have a clue? Thanks! Luke
  11. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    How do I edit the Yanfly Battle Engine Hud?

    Hi everyone, I'm using Yanfly Ace and the Battle Engine as scripts in my game.  I noticed that the combat hud that is diplayed on the bottom of the screen during the players turn has a lot of room on the right of the commands: Attack Magic Guard Items Here is a picture (the first one)...
  12. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Parameter Buff Combat Display

    Hello all, I'm looking for some help.  I made a skill called Fortify which has the following effects: Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns (don't want it to go away) Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns Add state Shield (a DEF buff) Add state Protection (a MDEF buff) Recover HP 132 (that is how much...
  13. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Alphabetized Lists

    Hello All, I've looked and haven't found anything, and am now looking for help.  I use VX ACE, and the yanfly engines as add ons.  I made my game mostly stream of consciousness (so spells and items weren't planned out beforehand) and now that it's gigantic I'm looking to make searching through...
  14. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Ethereal Enemies Immune to Physical Damage

    Community, I've looked and haven't been able to find an answer.  I wish to create certain Ethereal Undead enemies, like Ghosts, Wraiths, etc, which are completely immune to physical damage.  I change the PDR of the enemy to 0%.  I wish, however, to have all magic attacks still inflict damage. ...
  15. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Loss of Buffs after being stunned/paralyzed

    Community, I use VX Ace, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to make paralysis or stun effects NOT remove buffs on the target being stunned/paralyzed. Example: My hero has MAT increase, ATK increase, DEF increase buff on, all of them last 10 turns.  If a spider webs him (hitting him...
  16. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Quote Help

    Community, Hello, I've been a lurker for about two years now and I'm currently super frustrated.  Hope someone can help me.  I use VX Ace and most Yanfly Engines (Ace, Core, Battle) and Yanfly Victory Aftermath.  Here's my problem. In my game I have an actor that cannot speak, so for the first...

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