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  1. ze1

    Yanfly Action Sequence - Making characters move without turning around

    Hi! I made a skill animation using Yanfly's plugin. It works well, but the problem is at the end. When the character goes back to his original position (move user: home, 12), he turns back before moving. So, in the player's case. He moves left, uses his skill, turns right and moves right back to...
  2. ze1

    Editor crashes randomly

    I'm experiencing a lot of trouble with the editor randomly crashing on me. Sometimes it's browsing the database, sometimes it's editing a map... the worse is when it happens when I try to save the project. I haven't noticed any pattern to it. There was one time when it corrupted my...
  3. ze1

    Problem reading weapon info from the database

    Hello, I ran into a weird problem. For some reason, the game isn't reading some of the equipment parameters correctly from the database. Things like attack, defense, hp etc come with the wrong values, while other things like equipment name and price seem to be correct. Here's an example... The...
  4. ze1

    Using more than one external font

    Hello all! I know you can use one external font by editing the game font css file... but how can I use two external fonts? By "external font", I mean, a font that isn't installed in the computer.
  5. ze1

    Help File

    Any specific reason you guys decided to make the help file a bunch of html pages instead of the regular help files, like the previous RPG Makers? I'm not sure I really like the new format. I can't search for a term in all help pages, like I could before... so if I want to find help about a...
  6. ze1

    [Ace] Window not drawing all items

    Hi! There's a window in my game that has many items in it. At first, it can show 12 items without the need to scroll. However, when the window has more than 12 items and I scroll down, the items are not shown. I know the items are there because the help window is being updated correctly. Why is...
  7. ze1

    Glitchy font?

    I'm having a problem with RMVXA with the font I'm testing. It seems to be eating away some pixels of the beggining of the character of each sentence. This is a clean project, except I made a few adjustments: - I changed the windowskin (though, I don't think this has anything to do with the...

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