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  1. Help w/ Nostalgia Pack on MV

    Hello. I recently purchased the Nostalgia Pack from Steam for my MV project. It's my first time using such a pack, so please forgive me if these questions seem silly. Mostly everything was working well as far as importing and setting up the tiles, battlers, window, sprites, etc. However, the...
  2. Can these stats/damages be achieved by default?

    ... Or would I need plugins? [Forgive me if this is in the wrong section; I did not see a Maker-specific board for MV.] In a game I'm thinking of starting, I'm thinking of going for a rather simplified approach compared to the traditional JRPG. Characters and enemies would have only 3 main...
  3. How important is sense a of scope in mapping to you?

    Most JRPGs rely on visiting certain locations to get information or achieve certain objectives. In old-school RPGs, the amount of stuff to do in any given town tends to be proportional to the size of the map itself. Example: Pokemon's Pallet Town is, in all its game incarnations, essentially...
  4. "Base stats" outside of class?

    Hello. I'm trying to create standalone stats for some of my characters. My game would have a set amount of classes (8 or so) along with many more playable characters than what's normal (think Fire Emblem: SD or Chrono Cross). What I am looking for is for each actor to have its own innate or...
  5. Damage types for weapons

    Hello. I'm looking to make a game with RMMV. I've dabbled with RPG Makers in the past, but have never completed anything past a small demo. I do know basic eventing and can make small vanilla games, but that's it. While creating my classes and weapons for my current game, I realized that all my...

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