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  1. Lilian

    Quasi Params Plus

    sorry for a late answer. Wasn't aktive for some time. i am sorry that i cant help you with that problem i dont have it. but your right it looks like everything vanished. i am looking into another param plugin now and looking if its better ICFSoft_ParamsCore is the one i am trying now but atm...
  2. Lilian

    Quasi Params Plus

    First it still works in current build of rpg maker name of the json = QParams.json looks like this [ { "abr": "heart", "name": "Hearter", "default": 0, "min": 0, "max": 100 }, { "abr": "test", "name": "Tester", "default": 0, "min": 0, "max"...
  3. Lilian

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    I have a littel question i am using your WAY_CustomFaceImageEval.js. but somehow it looks like i am doing something wrong, so i am asking here for help if possible. <Custom Face Image Eval> if ($gameVariables.value(5) >= 1000){ faceName = 'Actor01'; faceIndex = 4; } if...
  4. Lilian

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    I Have a littel questions. I use Screen Width 1920 and Height of 1056 in my projekt. And some images will be upscaled like the loginscreen, where you can say start, continue, options, exit. Before 1.5 it scalled correct but now, the image is loading in 816 x 624 and after i click on options...
  5. Lilian

    Changing Status Menu Background

    There 2 plugins i know that you could try. (i am using both xD) +++ MOG - Menu Background (v1.0) +++ By Moghunter would make a png as background need to be defind for every Scene Scene_Class_back, Scene_Skill_back and so on  another...
  6. Lilian

    Quasi Params Plus

    Hiho I would like to ask if you could lock in to a littel bug/Compatibility problem if you finde the time ? It seems Quasi Parameters aren't shown in Item window and Shops Window but works in Equip window. PS even without any of Yanfly plugins in the Shop is the same not showing ^^. ...
  7. Lilian

    Add new Character Stats (searching for plugin)

    i would say this is the plugin you seek.  you can creat new Parameter at them to many different sorces and use them in formulars. 4 * a.atk - 2 * b.def + a.kun if kun is one of your parameters and the actor hase that parameter if you want to increas it in % ther formular woudl be like...
  8. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Arg i am stuipid thanks .... i miss read it and thougth both are in the same notetag ............ now it works ....... thanks ..... and sorry for the problem i may have caused.
  9. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    3 things I did try it with corrected notetag but misspelled it here .... still tryed it again .... still sameproblem. <Custom Passive Condition> if (user.hp / user.mhp <= 0.75) { condition = true; } else { condition = false; } </Custom Passive Condition> <Passive State...
  10. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    YEP.13 - Auto Passive States I Have A Class That should use this condition but some how it doenst work. <Passive Condition: HP Below 75%> <Passive State: 500> did try it too with:  <Costum Passive Condition> if(user.hp /user.mhp <= 0.75){ condition = true; }else{...
  11. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    OK i have a littel question about your  Equip Battle Skills plugin or at least who to use it wrong ....... would it be possible to show unequipabel skills (skills like normal) in battle? I am asking this because i would like to miss use your plugin as a Equip passiv skill plugin. If it...
  12. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    found my error ^^.
  13. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Yeah you where right, it was just a Formation error but it wasnt just the -. + / . and () where all wrong xD well was just my bad sorry for the wrong call. I have a Sin Sloth ^^ and didn't want to tip to mutch now after tiping all in manualy it works ........ still thanks. My Bad Sorry...
  14. Lilian

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    HIho I need a littel help with your plugin for Special Parameter Formula Once i Implement it, all works fine. Can Look at it inside the Status Winow once i Click on Parametes. but once i Try to modify Parameters like you wrote on your page Lets say i change — PDR —(base + plus) *...
  15. Lilian

    Skill Proficiency

    Just place BLKR_SkillProficiency infront of YEP_EnhancedTP and it doesn't bug anymore at least in my projekt it doesn't and i use a bunch of plugins.
  16. Lilian

    VE - Equip Set

    I would like to know if you plan to add Armor Notetags in future updates. I am asking since it's a realy nice plugins but it's hard to add many sets this way ..... (already have around 10 sets in my project .... and around 20 Actors and 5 Classes (+20 Subclasses) and i want that every one can...
  17. Lilian

    A littel question of a Beginner (hope for help)

    I have now 2 Project at the running both are the same only one uses luna engine an one deosn't. Since i like who nice i can make my menus with luna engine.  the thing is i found Alternate MP X (Rescource System) v1.05 on the link provided by  Dreadshadow   but it only works without luna since...
  18. Lilian

    A littel question of a Beginner (hope for help)

    Well not exactly what i was looking for but its a workaround. And it works like a charm ^^. So i can only say thanks for the help ^^. 
  19. Lilian

    A littel question of a Beginner (hope for help)

    Only works if i dont use luna. With luna, i think luna overwrites it.... Already tryt it at begining and end of script. Only works in menus that dont use Luna ^^ .... Still thanks but a solution that can be used with luna menus  would be nice.

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