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  1. The Art of Gaming

    Help with skill

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to make a skill that will raise an entire party's defense but also have a 50% chance of also making the party members likely to attack each other. I'm hoping this can be done without a scropt, but I'm not sure that possible. Thanks in advance, Art.
  2. The Art of Gaming

    Installing Mistake??

    Ok so I've copied the needed files to my game folder like I need to, yet no new files show up when I go into the script editor that I can see. Nothing under materials, nothing containing Luna in the title. Have I missed a step maybe? Thanks for helping with a probably easily solved question...
  3. The Art of Gaming

    Thoughts on Social Networking in sims

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this but I have to ask. What do you think about having social media, texting and calls in games? Is it annoying and/or tedious for you to have social media in a game or is it something cool that you appreciate?
  4. The Art of Gaming

    Vehicles not workimg?

    Ok, so when I try to move the boat vehicle around in both animated and still water it doesn't seem able to move other than to turn. Are the vehicles in RPGM VX ACE buggy or something? Thanks, Art of Gaming

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