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  1. Nhale

    Balancing Player Characters to Function as Bosses

    I think to have this effect you want it's more a matter of how your battle system work. If your party damage is similar to the enemies damage, like how it happens in pokemon or some tactical rpg ,it can be really easy to balance a fight with a main character.
  2. Nhale

    Tell me about your armor design.

    Personally, I deal with armors having lower numbers than the damage (pe. Inicial damage in the early game is ~15 and inicial armors with defense of 1 up to 5) and I use the simple final damage - armor for the formula. So each point of armor reduces the damage by 1. But, to prevent it from...
  3. Nhale

    2 party system with guests thoughts?

    Legend of heroes trails in the sky does similar. Trying to be spoiler-free, but in the game you have 2 main characters and they travel from region to to region, having others extras to help you in each chapter. Sometimes some party member would return in another chapter, but only late game all...
  4. Nhale

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hey everyone :) Quick question! How do i check in the formula if the target is equiped with a specific type of armor or weapon? eg. if target is equiped with a sword ( weapon type 1 in the database) buff attack, if equiped with a heavy armor (armor type 3) buff defense
  5. Nhale

    RMMV Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Hey there! I also saw the driftwood playthrough and found it amazing! Been playing for an hour now and I promisse to write a decent review. Right now, i just wanted to report a bug of some sort. In Gleen Woods, the game freezes right after Giant Bird boss fight. Once i finish it, i'll edit a...

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