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  1. ChampX

    Accurate Playtime

    RPG Maker MV is designed to run generally at 60 fps. As such, it keeps track of the total amount of play time a player has been playing by monitoring the total number of frames that have been run. This is all fine and dandy if the game is always running at 60 fps. If, however, the player is on a...
  2. ChampX

    The Escape Key

    As I'm developing my game, I wrote code to have the escape key close out the game window as many gamers would expect that functionality. The thought, however, occurred to me that many players used to RPG Maker games may prefer the escape key's original functionality of doubling as a cancel and...
  3. ChampX

    Multiple Game Processes in Task Manager

    Whether I test play from the editor, or launch a deployed game, I noticed there are multiple instances of Game.exe within task manager. This even happens on minimum bare-bones projects and looks something like this. Windows 10, while not pictured here, will list the duplicates as...
  4. ChampX

    Preferred Input for Games

    In RM games we have three methods of player input that can be used to interact with the game worlds: keyboard, mouse/touch, and gamepad. Out of curiosity, my question for you all is if playing a traditional RPG on desktop, what input method would you prefer? I can easily understand arguments for...
  5. ChampX

    Oh hey there!

    I've read a lot of posts and posted a couple of times in the past, but as I slowly work on my own project I'll probably be a little more active on this forum. Anyway, I used RPG Maker during the old 2K3 and XP days to start learning how to create games during my teenage years. Fast forward a...

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