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  1. RGSS3 - I can't find menu to map transition

    when you open the menu, the screen blurs and the menu opens with an opacity animation, and when you close, it softly vanishes where can I find that transition from the menu to the map when you press cancel? I ask this because I'm making a custom menu where each character has its own status...
  2. How to make rm2k roofs?

    is there a way to make roof tiles like the old square type autotiles from 2k? I mean, the ones that are drawn OVER the player at the top edges
  3. change event move type

    hi, I have a game where a control most of my events by script, but 1 thing I cant figure out is how to change their random movement to "follow the player" by script, without changing event pages (since that will make them all blank again). I tried making a small function that changes the...

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