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  1. kaisielizen

    Balloon icons (or an equivalent) in battle

    I am working on a system where certain skills raise certain stats of the user on usage - is there any way to display this stat increase in battle without displaying a message? I would greatly appreciate a script for this.
  2. kaisielizen

    FREE Looking for a mapper to make whatever they want for my strategy game

    Intro: Hi everyone. Long story short, I hate mapping. And I'm pretty average to bad at it. What I'm good at is gameplay mechanics, like battle systems and skills and classes and all that (and I'm good at music). So I am in search of someone (or multiple someones) to make decent maps for our...
  3. kaisielizen

    Tips for mapping?

    I'm working on my first game that I intend to make 20+ hours, and I'm having a difficult time making maps interesting, mechanically. I can make them look ok, but I'm struggling at making them more than just an extended walk. Any tips?
  4. kaisielizen

    Hello. I got MV 9 days ago and have already used it for 121 hours according to Steam.

    I am dying to talk to other people about the program and whatnot (since I am obviously obsessed with it). I used an older version several years ago, and I finally picked up MV during a Steam sale an amazing person on here informed me about. Battle systems and gameplay interest me the most...
  5. kaisielizen

    Better menu

  6. kaisielizen

    So I get a Windows copy AND a Mac copy with one purchase?

    My friend and I want to make a game together, and he has a PC while I have a Mac. If he makes the purchase on his PC, could I use the Steam code to download the Mac copy? So we'd each have our own copy with just one purchase? Or am I misunderstanding?

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