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  1. Djentboi

    Chrono engine battle problem

    Hi so i downloaded Chrono engine and i followed this guide but when i start a battle, the battle engage but i can't attack the enemy and he don't attack me what did i miss ? I'm on rpg maker mv Thanks ;)
  2. Djentboi

    Mechs ressources(for battles)

    Thanks dude, and you should really try the xenosaga series, the 1 and 2 gameplay are not very good but the story is worth you're time and Xenosaga 3 is a masterpiece to me, so if one day you got the time i strongly recommend it
  3. Djentboi

    How do i download properly Chrono Engine

    Ok, thanks you very much mate
  4. Djentboi

    How do i download properly Chrono Engine

    Hi everyone i just discovered the Chrono engine (here and i downloaded the file needed but it's a hell of a mess(i have downloaded the chrono engine file and the master MV So i just...
  5. Djentboi

    Mechs ressources(for battles)

    Hello i'm a newbie and me and some friends we wan't to create a rpg in hommage of our favorite rpg (Xenogears and Xenosaga). Thanks to someone in this forum i had 2 sprite of mech(just here But i sadly can't use it in...
  6. Djentboi

    Mecha ressources ?

    Thanks for your help ;) I just have to put it in the character folder of my project right ?
  7. Djentboi

    Mecha ressources ?

    Thanks a lot Is it useable with rpg maker mv ?
  8. Djentboi

    Mecha ressources ?

    Hello i'm a newbie and i just wanted to know if there is a mecha ressources for a playable character ? I really wan't to do a mecha game, i'm a HUGE fan of xenogears and xenosaga, i'm looking for something who are similar to the Ex arms from the sample game knight-blade-howling-of-kerberos from...

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