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  1. Skunk

    Using battle system has a hacking engine

    I'm working on a project where hacking replaced the battle system, all attacks are types of hacking tools used against firewalls and antiviruses when you hack a door open, you get transferred to a map where the player image changes into a ball of light and have to get passed all the security...
  2. Skunk

    RMMV Can I show mp on an item in the menu?

    I am using mp as battery life in my game, I am wondering if I make a battery pack item that I can have it reflect the amount of mp the player currently has. And as I charge the pack, the mp goes up. Ive tried a few methods with no luck.
  3. Skunk

    Very impressed with the website overhaul, how bout some dark mode action?

    Ive been around for three different iterations of the forum system, and this is by far the easiest to navigate and use. One thing I'd like to see is a "dark mode". A JS button to trigger a different CSS sheet is all it takes. I found this free plugin made by xenforo (the host of this forum)...
  4. Skunk

    Yanfly Shop Core, Can I limit the "sell" scope?

    I would like to limit the options that the player has available to them when using the "sell" note tag. I want it to go straight to items, and bypass the menu that shows: Item, Weapon, Armor, Key item. Is this possible? (Ps, I'm back!)
  5. Skunk

    Elian Script trainer.

    I am working with another programmer and we are creating a "mini game" of sorts. Its a very simple premise. Elian script is an english alphabet cypher, the goal is to press the corresponding letter when the symbol comes on the screen. (function() { var Alias_createUpperLayer =...
  6. Skunk

    How can I create a cartel system?

    It's kind of silly, but within my game I have a bunch of girl scouts who are going around selling cookies for me. What im trying to do is figure out a way to have them generate more money based on certain factors like: How many scouts there are How many boxes of cookies are in stock what the...
  7. Skunk

    Pricing conflicts in the store

    So if you go and check out Khas ultra lighting system on the the 'Other resources' page, the price says 24.99, but when I click to the khas lighting page it says the price is 19.99. Im just wondering which charge will show up on my credit card bill? lol
  8. Skunk


    Not that it needs to be said, but There is a user spamming the forum with two URLS. spamwebsite and spamwebsite Do not go to these websites under any circumstance. Wait for the admins to deal with the situation.
  9. Skunk

    Check which actor is leading?

    I am trying to set up an event, that when you talk to it will react differently depending on which actor is in the "main" actor slot. I am using a total of 4 party members. At first I thought to use a conditional branch, but there only seems to be a way to check if the actor is in the party. Can...
  10. Skunk

    Script call to show variable?

    I am currently using script calls to make certain message windows in my game, normall a new item. But the usual \v[] doesn't seem to work while doing a script call. Can anyone help me? $gameMessage.setPositionType(1); $gameMessage.setBackground(1); $gameMessage.add("You got \V[19] Ultra...
  11. Skunk

    Store variables in item?

    I have been looking for something can achieve this with but its not looking good. Basically I am trying to have something similar to a "gold skulltula" from Zelda, where the item is listed with a number of those found beside it, instead of having a bunch of items labeled the same thing. Is...
  12. Skunk

    Damage Formulas 101

    Please note: A discussion has already been started about different things you can do with these formulas so please direct those comments and question to the appropriate thread. A link to the list of...
  13. Skunk

    Damage Formulas 101

    Please note: A discussion has already been started about different things you can do with these formulas so please direct those comments and question to the appropriate thread. A link to the list of...
  14. Skunk

    I composed an epic battle song!

    This song can also be used for a high tension intro I'd love some feedback. This is free to use in all projects commercial and free. I just ask for credit.
  15. Skunk

    Monster dies, disappears, then comes back to life?

    So I havent even been touching any battle anything lately, and while I was testing out some events I decided to do a battle. But when the monster reaches zero hp, and the next monster attacks.. the monster respawns right away so its impossible to win the battle lol. I know its something stupid...
  16. Skunk

    MV Mini Games List

    Here is a list of some Mini Games I have come across. If you have more, show me! Spinning wheel of prizes: (by Galv) $ Fishing Game: (by Galv) $ Invader Mini Game: (by Galv)...
  17. Skunk

    Plagiarized plugins?

    So I have been told that a member of the forum was banned for stealing peoples plugins and calling them his own. I am wondering if there is a list of plugins somewhere which shows what plugins we should not used, or find the original plugin creator and use theirs. Im currently using a few of...
  18. Skunk

    Trying to toggle hud with an item

    I am using Moghunters time system and using a plugin command I can toggle the hud, but im trying to figure out how to make it so when I use the item the first time, the hud comes on, and if I use the item again it toggles the hud off. Im sure i will be using a conditional branch to check for...
  19. Skunk

    Skunks List of Example Puzzles

    Here are some examples and layouts of some cool puzzle ideas from popular games. I thought it would be a cool idea to show some examples on some puzzles and the paths you need to take to successfully solve them. This is an attempt to start a discussion about puzzle design and mechanics. If you...
  20. Skunk

    Ticker on homepage is still boasting about 1.4

    Since we now have 1.5 out, shouldn't we update the ticker at the top of the home page to reflect that? As it is now, people coming to the forums will see that and think 1.4 is the most recent version.

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