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  1. Velare92

    Kory's Message Box

    I just can't figure out how to change the message box. The screenshot is so small that I can't see a thing. :(
  2. Velare92

    Deployment to webbrowsers and mac fails

    Hello there, since a few days, after starting to deploy my games to Mac and Webbrowsers, I'm encounting some problems. First of all, the Mac Version: If I'm trying to deploy the Mac version and send it to someone to test it, I always fails to start the game. "The application "Game" can't be...
  3. Velare92

    Iavra Localization

    It seem's like I'm way to stupid to use this plugin ;_; Can somebody please make a step-by-step tutorial for the dumbest idiot around here? I would love to use it, but I have NO Idea what you are all talking about. Please help! :(
  4. Velare92

    Actors Friendship System

    Hey there, can someone please help me?! >.< Hopefully my English is good enough and you can understand what my problem is. In the Game which I'm working on are 2 Main Characters, and you are playin' both of them. I have 2 leaders, MC1 and MC2 (MC-Main Character). There are spots where you are...
  5. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    I got it on steam and there are no Doors in my DLC Files. If there are Doors, I try to Download it again. Maybe it just got "forgotten"... idk
  6. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    Well... let's be honest... I totally suck in cutting. Question: If I cut all of those, do I have to put them on the right position? Example: If I cut them and put them on diffrent positions, like a bit to much on the left side and a bit more space between them, will it be that the doors a...
  7. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    The problem that I have now is that I don't have a program to cut those tiles. The only program that I have and use for cut pictures ist Photoscape. With Gimp I only create PNG files. Is there maybe someone who can help me with that and cut those doors to the right size? Just in case if...
  8. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    That's actually a very good Idea... makes me feel stupid because I wasn't thinking about it. Thanks! :)
  9. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    That ! helped with the floating of the Doors, the only Problem that I have now are the Doors and how big they are. I tried to make them a bit smaller, but it was directly followed by losing quality of the doors. They are totally blurry now :/
  10. Velare92

    Help needed for Doors!

    Hello there! Hopefully I'm on the right place for this, and.. hopefully my english is well enough.^^ Im currently working on a Game and I have a problem there. I use the "FSM Map: Town of Beginning" Tileset which I got on Steam and the problem with them are the Doors. Because there are just...

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