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  1. Coopziana

    Menu Characters [Script Request]

    Hi, What I want to do is have Animated Characters & Battler sprites displayed on my Menu Screen. With a bit of tinkering I've managed to make the Sprite sheet load and display. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to mask the Image and then have it "Ticking" for each frame of said...
  2. Coopziana

    Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers Home Position

    Hi, I'm looking into making my battles a little more tactical, as such I'd like to make enemies "Home Position" Change after each attack to a random location within the battle window. Reason for this is i'm also going to be using AOE spells, so having the enemy move after each attack will...
  3. Coopziana

    Yanfly's Base Param - Class Calling

    Hi All, So all I need is the script call for Class ID param to create an "IF" statement within Yanfly's Enemy Base Param plugin (Here). Something like this: <Custom Base atk Formula> if ($gameSwitches.value(29) === true) { value = CLASS ID param + $gameVariables.value(56); } else { value =...
  4. Coopziana

    Yanfly's EnhancedTP "Damage Reference" Help

    Hi, I'm currently trying to add in a formula for HP Damage Gain (pretty much identical to FFX Stoic) The FFX Formula is calculated with: Damage received × 30 / Max HP maximum 30 I've tried to do this but I'm having trouble referencing "Damage Received" The rest I can do. I had a look through...
  5. Coopziana

    Decimal Variables?

    Hi All. I've got a damage formula that utilises a variable which I have setup in my Action sequence (Yanfly's). So each weapon has a different "Power". As I've literally got 10 weapons in my game (one of each type with no increase to basic stats), I'd like to add in a power creep on each of the...
  6. Coopziana

    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    Hi All, I've been making my own animation and figured I'd share them with you guys to use as you like. If you have any requests let me know, I'll try and make what you ask for. I'll keep adding them as I make them! Click here to go to my Google Drive Hope they help! Free for use in Both...
  7. Coopziana

    Yanfly's Keyboard Config - Auto WASD

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, I'm using Yanfly's Keyboard Config. I'd like to set the default configuration to WASD as I fully intend to to remove the "Options" tab from my game so players can't mess around with stuff which could...
  8. Coopziana

    Condition: Random 1..Variable

    Hi Guys, This is probably really simple, but I can't figure it out. I'm making a condition branch and rather than using the default random [Number]..[Number], I want to set it to Random 1..Variable[16]. I know I have to do this in the script section but I have no idea how to make this happen...
  9. Coopziana

    Scrolling Battleback

    Hey Guys, First and foremost, 9/10 times I will not be using a battleback image for battles, instead I set them to "none" and it prints the map as the background. This is exactly what I'm after... Now if you've ever played Angry Birds Epic, you'll know what I'm talking about here. I'm...
  10. Coopziana

    [SOLVED] Negative/Minus Gold amount

    Hi Guys, This may sound like a very strange request, but I need a plugin or a snippet of code that I can add to my game to allow my players gold to go into a minus figure. for example -$200. I've had a play around with the default JS files but had no luck. Can anyone tell me how I can do...
  11. Coopziana

    Request: Lock Actor Position

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a script that will allow me to lock an actor (my main character) into position 1. OR a script that will keep my main character's sprite active even if he is not in position 1 or the current party. I've had a look online and all I could find is Yanfly's Party...
  12. Coopziana

    [YEP] Job Points - Variables

    Hi All, I'm just trying to set up a variable that reads the current actors JP's (Yanfly's - Job Points Script v1.06) So that I can display it in a chat window. Reason being I've been trying to use JP's as a form of currency for increasing actor parameters (stats) instead of the standard...
  13. Coopziana

    Javascript Snippets Section

    Just thought it would be a nice idea if there was a section on the forums where people could add in basic scripts that people could use as a base for crafting their own Scripts. By this I mean the basics such as: - Here is the code that will create a full screened window with nothing in...
  14. Coopziana

    Stat Shop

    Hi All, I'm really in need of a system that moves RPG's away from the standard "Level up = Gain Stats". What I'd like is pretty much identical to "Yanfly's Skill Shop System". Visually it would be almost identical, except for the fact that rather than purchasing skills for each character it's...
  15. Coopziana

    Player Initial Level 0

    Hi Guys, In a previous post I asked if anyone knew a way to have an item consume a level with a simple script. For anyone wondering how I managed to do it with a simple Common event I simple set up a small script: $gameVariables[2] = this.actorId; and then used the "Change Level" command...
  16. Coopziana

    Item use costs EXP/Level

    Hi Guys, as the title suggests, I just looking for the smallest most simple script know to man (probably). I've been trying to work it out myself to no avail. In my game character stats do not rise on level up, instead they will have to play through the game and certain orbs will drop from...
  17. Coopziana


    Hi, I'm looking for a script that will allow me to add an auto-state upon equip or a notetag to a weapon that will automatically display certain stats for the enemies I'm facing in battle. So for example if Character 1 has a weapon with "Sensor" ability on it, it will allow the player to see...
  18. Coopziana

    Additional info on Status Screen

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple way to add in more Parameters into the status screen. Literally pulling my hair out trying to find a way to just add in the simplest piece of script to the already existing stuff... But it just will not have it. Mainly because I cannot find any...

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