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  1. Creta_Park

    Causality (Survival horror adventure)

    Pew, it was take a year and half for making this game. Causality is finally out! Title : Causality Version : ca1079e9 (At the time of posting) Genre : Survival horror adventure Engine : RPG Maker MV Price : 6.99 USD (Currently on sale 10%!) Supported language : Korean, English, Japanese (Also...
  2. Creta_Park

    I'm just trying a little part of MZ's source code.

    I found some MZ library document, it was made with JSDoc. Also this contains some part of MZ's source code. I'm just so curious it'll works separately? (less dependency) I dumped them, and take wrote some test code. I double checked how they improved from MV to MZ. As you can see, this is...
  3. Creta_Park

    Introduce L10nMV.js, Localize your game, without modifying your project.

    This plugin provides localization feature for RPG Maker MV. Export text scripts from your project, and localize them. This plugin is free for use, just leave my name in your game's credits! Creta Park ( Download link and instructions are in GitHub page. GitHub page...

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