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  1. Roult

    Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking

    @Mr. Trivel Hello, I want to use this plugin for my commercial games, how can i do? Thanks :)
  2. Roult

    OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    Hello @OcRam, I am currently using your "Lights" plugin, however for performance concerns I want to replace the static lights with parallax on the map. It is natural that I want to use your "Layers" plugin, but it does not work (even if I deactivate all my plugins). When displaying my image...
  3. Roult

    RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    Hello and thank you for this plugin :) I have performance problems with a light plugin (ocram), I plan to use the pixi update "4.5.4" to "5.xx", however I will have a question, I just have to install the plugin and start it or do I have to follow the complete transformation guide in addition...
  4. Roult

    Showing turn numbers on Actor states with Moghunter Battle HUD

    I have the same problem, i bump too
  5. Roult

    3 Random Different Enemies Targeted as opposed to 3 Random Targets

    @thepsyche try this: <Custom Target Eval> // Grab the group of alive foes as candidates. var members = foes.aliveMembers(); // Remove the target from the group of candidates. members.splice(members.indexOf(target), 0); // This is the number of extra targets to select with Chain Lightning. var...
  6. Roult

    Enemy Reinforcements MV Plugin Doesn't Work

    I made a video that shows the problem on a blank project: To put it simply, whatever happens, the script command is never taken into account.
  7. Roult

    Enemy Reinforcements MV Plugin Doesn't Work

    No, nothing works. Whatever I do, at the end of the turn or the start of the next, the troop appears.
  8. Roult

    Enemy Reinforcements MV Plugin Doesn't Work

    precisely, I use as follows: Condition: End of turn, Span turn. if $ gameTroop.isTroopReinforcementAdded (999, true) { } else { add_enemy_troop 998 }
  9. Roult

    Enemy Reinforcements MV Plugin Doesn't Work

    It is this one: Even disabling all of my plugins, the script command "$ gameTroop.isTroopReinforcementAdded (999, true)" does not working. I presume that I have the latest version of MV, and that the script has not been updated since 2016...
  10. Roult

    Enemy Reinforcements MV Plugin Doesn't Work

    Hello, I have the same problem. Do you resolve it?
  11. Roult

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath and Mog Treasure Popup Battle Bug

    Hello, I add these codes to the codes of these three different plug-ins. :)
  12. Roult

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Hi, thank for your answer.
  13. Roult

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Hello Ocram, Can I put a custom light on enemies and characters in battle? Thank
  14. Roult

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    Thank you for your answer, I found a solution by modifying the yanfly plugin as follows: 2 answers are better than one :)
  15. Roult

    Yanfly Battle AI Core extension: Buffs

    for me its work
  16. Roult

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    Hello everyone, I use the plugin of SRD "Sell Only Shop", the problem is that there is an incompatibility with the plugin of Yanfly "shop core". He considers the sale of my items as purchases in the display. "Vendre" = "Sell" Can someone help me? Thank you
  17. Roult

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath and Mog Treasure Popup Battle Bug

    The problem has been solved, many thanks to "Ahuramazda" for their help. Code Changes - You need to edit 3 pieces of script yourself. Main.js - this is to initialize droprates //============================================================================= // main.js...
  18. Roult

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath and Mog Treasure Popup Battle Bug

    yes that's why it's an incompatibility, I will need a compatibility patch to fix this problem. It is not possible to use only one plugin author with a large game.
  19. Roult

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath and Mog Treasure Popup Battle Bug

    Hi, I use these 3 plugins: - Yanfly Extra Enemy Drops, Victory Aftermath -Mog Treasure Popup Battle but there is an incompatibility. The problem is that during the loot, I see the different objects (3 which can be the same or different), but during the result, I see only one object or 3...
  20. Roult

    Yanfly Extra Enemy Drop Extension


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