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  1. Flare Gear

    Yanfly X ClassBaseParameters and $gameVariables

    Hi, I tried to set the parameters by using $gameVariables.value() function in addition to a Custom Formula, but it appears that the gameVariables are not taken at all and, subsequently, Variables don't vary the basic parameters as I planned to. Here what I used for Custom Parameters: <Custom...
  2. Flare Gear

    Themes for RPG vol. 1

    Hello guys, I'm happy to announce the release of the first collection of Theme tracks for RPG Maker Games. Themes for RPG vol. 1 are entirely composed and produced by me out of need (and love) for RPG Making. The tracks inside are already in use in my games ("Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas" and...
  3. Flare Gear

    Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas

      PRESENTS:   Introduction Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas is the very first game I’ve managed to finish. As it is the first project, I went with the idea of making a dungeon crawler game with a short gameplay duration (about 1-2 hours) so as to allow everyone to play in their free time without...
  4. Flare Gear

    Icons on Menu with Yanfly Menu Manager

    Hi, in hope of not asking an obvious question, does the Yanfly Menu Manager plug-in provide an opportunity to include an icon to each command in menu?
  5. Flare Gear


    Hi guys, I'm Flare Gear from Italy. I registered only today. Nice to meet you all!

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Oof, this "side project" of mine is starting to get as complex as a VS plugin, at least as far as plugin parameters are concerned. I think I now understand why a plugin like this doesn't already exist(that I know of). Learning a lot while trying to make it work though!

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