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  1. Yep Action Sequence

    Hi I am posting this thread twice.... But my last one was in the wrong Topic so it didn't got any anwers. I have a action sequence. but when i use it in someone with a bow bow animation doesn't plays. what do i do wrong. need help here is the act sequence  <setup action> display action...

    So i am using a yep sequence. and when i use it with sword its okey but when i use it with a bow it does the right animation but there is no bow in my characters hand ? can i have some help
  3. Im new. I need help at skills

    Hello i am pretty new. i am making skills for enemies and for my actors. but when i click normal "attack" button it sometimes uses skills that made for enemies. So i want to sort which skills will enemies use . and i also want to change my characters "attack" attack to something else. how i can...

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