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  1. Any skill scope

  2. Request Simple Visual Novel / Galge Character Bust for Yanfly Message Core

    I've been doing this with just events and show picture. So much work just for a simple conversation though.. I wish there is a plugin for this instead with all the troubles..
  3. Any skill scope

  4. Battle Formation[Beta]

    Another bug, ask character to attack, then cancel, then change formation. After changing formation, characters are supposed to skip a turn, but instead, the character that are asked to attack before will still launch their attacks.
  5. Battle Formation[Beta]

    This is very amazing! though, I am having a few issues.. Bug & feedback report : 1. Pressing Formation, and cancelling the action will freeze the selection menu. 2. Is not fully compatible with Yanfly's Battle Engine Core. 3. How do I enable the battle formation Info bonus text? (It is not...
  6. Any skill scope

    Thanks for the help Hime!
  7. Any skill scope

    Bump..! Anyone..? (No puns intended)
  8. Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    I love this!, but I would like to disable some part of the functionality, is that possible? For example, I want to show item obtain, but not item loss and level up text.
  9. Gain Extra Stats (HP, MP) after each Battle

    Tags on equipment note? that's awesome! Can the tag be used in class note?
  10. How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    I need this tutorial for MV!
  11. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    Nevermind, my bad, I forgot to -100% the "Move picture" command, that's why it turns flipping immediately after I spawn the picture~ Thanks!
  12. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    God, how did that not cross my mind o.o Thanks! Edit : That didn't work, I input it as -100%, and still it isn't flipped.
  13. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    Hello, I need a script command to flip picture # horizontally/vertically. Something like this. But I think it would be better if I just could "flipPicture(Index, Horizontal/Vertical)"~
  14. Any skill scope

    RPG maker MV gives you the option to choose "1 Ally" or "1 Enemy", but not both "1 Ally or Enemy". I can simply make 2 skills with different scope, but because I am using Yanfly's skill cooldown plug-in, I cannot resort to having 2 skills. It would be great if anyone can make a both Ally and...
  15. Swap party members after death

    Hello everyone, I am in need of a certain system. After a member dies in battle, I want a choice that gives you an option to swap with living party member in reserve if available. (Or you can simply choose not to, but when there is no remaining members alive, the player is forced to swap party...
  16. Change the effect of an Item/attack depending on who you are using it on

    Any examples? I am also looking for this, and was about to make request, on where players/enemy can be inflicted with "Undead" state at any point of the time. Things with undead state will take damage from heals, and be inflicted with a "burn" state, while the non-undeads will be healed...
  17. [Abandoned Plugin] Super Orange Movement

    Is there a way to enable diagonal movement with mouse/touch input when the tile division is 1? I need the diagonal movement and obstacle avoid (Diagonally). (They are perfectly what I need.) But I need it at normal tile size (1).
  18. Orange Auto Avoid Obstacles Diagonally

    I tried changing the tile division to 1, and tried using this. It worked properly. Then I try to enable "Only while dashing", it avoids obstacles regardless if I am dashing or not.
  19. Battle Character Limit

    Ah, this looks amazing! The description is wrong though.. "Adds color coding to items" This might be awesome with a front row extension! Something like battlers at the back row will not participate in a fight or take damage, but if battlers in front row dies, the next member will replace the...

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