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  1. mpurnell

    Play test a event with out loading the game.

    i use it in 1.06 and works perfectly
  2. mpurnell

    Galv's Message Busts

    yes there is, but only by changing default to right. then you will have to use plugin for the left. just change lines 179 to 197 and make it opposite. so change the 0's to 1's and 1's to 0's
  3. mpurnell

    Neo Crystal Engine – Extra Stats

    Ill give it a shot again then and hope for the best.
  4. mpurnell

    Galv's Screen Buttons

    I had this exact error and it took me ages to figure it out... it seems galv has set it that it must have 2 images. 1 for normal, 1 for press. all i did was create the same image size & only use half of the image area and leave the bottom half blank (or you could duplicate the image)
  5. mpurnell

    Galv's Screen Buttons

    i would say youre missing something as ive been using it since 1.3 and now im using 1.6 (yes, i havent downgraded, havent needed to) and its working perfectly for me. try and get the buttons to do something else and see if it works.
  6. mpurnell

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    1= player player level so u can put it as that but in your situation, i would suggest parallax mapping with half layer above and half layer below
  7. mpurnell

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    0=ground, 1=player, 2=parallax, 3=shadow, 4=parallax2, 5=light/showpicture ... basically that
  8. mpurnell

    Leaderboard/Score board

    Yea i was doing that because i was tryinf to find the easiest way to pull up every result so i couod set as another variable. Then hit another hurdle and my brain just melted on what i was trying to accomplish lol
  9. mpurnell

    Leaderboard/Score board

    Cant say my attempt at array's are the best, but pretty much trying to get like a soccer/sports score board going. 8 teams, first 8 variables for the teams, bottom variables to put the in order, but im lost on how to convert this to rpg maker mv so i can put them in order or howd i get that...
  10. mpurnell

    Is there a script for checking the player's level in MV?

    Similar request, and since this one hasnt been answered. Need it for a conditional branch on an event to check if players level = or above whatever, can transfer fer to next map, but conditional branch doesnt give that option
  11. mpurnell

    How do I use sprites that are 80 x 80?

    I would personally change the sprite ib photoshop (or gimp for free) to somethijg like 96x96 as mv's grids are set to 48x48 and rather offsetting, just go up by X'ing it (eg. 48x48 to double = 96x96 or 48x48 triple = 144x144)
  12. mpurnell

    Creating a scoreboard/Ladder

    thanks. im not great at coding so doesnt help entirely with making it into a plugin with randomised variables lol, but ill give it a shot
  13. mpurnell

    Creating a scoreboard/Ladder

    Either way really. Cant find a solution in either case
  14. mpurnell

    Creating a scoreboard/Ladder

    Im trying to create like a sports scoreboard/Ladder but im struggling to work out how to get the order to appear correctly. 8 teams. lets say team 6 has more points in the other. yea easy to set as number 1 for position/location, but now my brain stops working & i cant work out the easiest way...
  15. mpurnell

    Check that 1 variable is greater than multiple variables

    rather than having so many conditional branches just to make sure 1 variable is greater than say 5 others, is there a simpler way?
  16. mpurnell

    Making an Image disappear

    Coukd u just use in the event: 'show picture' Whatever you want 'Erase picture' And then all will stay except the picture?
  17. mpurnell

    Getting N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events to show above pictures

    It seems that support for this plugin has stopped a few years as many of the recent comments have been asking for the same thing without any reply or support. Referring to: But anyways, there is a comment...
  18. mpurnell

    N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events

    @Nelderson it seems that we all need the same thing. z axis added since we cant work it out lol

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