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  1. BrandedTales

    Creating an appearance shift/"flicker" (Solved)

    Greetings all - Looking for some advice on how to achieve a certain effect. I'll outline what I'm trying to do, then I'll outline how I'm trying to do it and where I'm getting stuck. Certainly if there's a better way to do it, I'm definitely open to it. My game toys with the concept of...
  2. BrandedTales

    RMMV Better Left Closed v1.1 - Survival Horror, Single Map Challenge

    Better Left Closed is my survival-horror entry into the One-Map Challenge. You play the role of a young woman that has made a terrible choice in order to save her son's life. Unfortunately, you've released monstrous wraiths into the world and the only thing that can stop them has been...
  3. BrandedTales

    RMMV Better Left Closed (v0.9) - Single Map Challenge

    Better Left Closed - v 0.9 I'm building this game in response to the 1-map challenge (not sure if it's still active or not, but I was inspired). It best fits the survival-horror genre, although this is mainly due to tension and the immortality of the enemies. I would love to get feedback on...
  4. BrandedTales

    Concept Art - Map

    Greetings all! I'm looking for help with a map for the game I'm working on. Interestingly, I'm not trying to get traditional mapper tasks, or even parallax. I'm looking for a concept drawing of a map of the key city of my game. I don't mind taking that concept and building out my...
  5. BrandedTales

    Glowing Battlers

    Is there syntax or a plugin already in existence that can be used to make your battlers glow when under the effects of a state? If it's built-in and I missed it, perfectly willing to kick myself. I've looked at Yanfly's VisualStateEffects, and it looks great for being able to put an animation...
  6. BrandedTales

    Conditional targets

    Greetings all! I'm exhausted beating my head against this problem and thought I'd outsource. I'm sure this has been asked/solved in the past, but my searching skills are weak, so apologies if it's come up before. I have a skill that resurrects a dead party member, but then places a state on...
  7. BrandedTales

    BrandedTales Free Writing and Editing Shoppe [Closed]

    Apologies all; just took a new day job and we are temporarily CLOSED while I get my bearings. Thank you for your interest! My goal is to help you make your game even better! And best of all, I'd like to do it for free (commercial or non-commercial). As game designers, we have a TON of work...
  8. BrandedTales

    ShowText - Slow appear

    I've read through the user guide and the scene controls, and I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for, although I'm sure it's an easy setting that I'm somehow missing. Goal: I am wanting text to appear line by line going down the page, but without prior lines disappearing. At the end, I...
  9. BrandedTales

    Dialog Options vanish over time

    Wanted to poll people smarter than me before I start churning down my own methods. I'm starting in RMMV support because I always look for plugin-free solutions before I go down the plugin road, but if it must be a plugin, we can totally move the thread there. Has anybody implemented a system...
  10. BrandedTales

    Showing perspective on maps

    Had a lot of trouble deciding where to post this, so if I'm in the wrong spot, apologies! While this has direct implications for my game, it is more of a broad question. To those with The Mapping (Or other Artistic) Skills... How would you show perspective on a map with very tall buildings...
  11. BrandedTales

    Request for a logo

    Well, I know it's very early on in the project, but I'd like to see if any kind and generous souls out there would want to make a logo for the game I'm working on. It's probably silly to ask for one this early, but it would make me feel a lot better as I work, ultimately include links, etc...
  12. BrandedTales

    RMMV Noble - (Work in Progress)

    Synopsis What does it mean to be Noble? Is it a title you are born to? Is it a label the world gives you because they think you did something great? Or is it something more? Noble is the story of two heroes that struggle to learn what it truly means to be noble. When our story begins...
  13. BrandedTales

    Drawing large quantities of text in the .refresh

    Greetings all - Seeking some implementation wisdom.  I can post code if it helps, but my question is more at the implementation level than specific syntax. I have a scene with two windows.  One window pulls a list of actors in a specific state.  This is a command window that the player can...
  14. BrandedTales

    Issue with Playtesting game

    Good evening all - I hate for one of my earliest posts to be a troubleshooting thread, but I'm stuck and I don't know what else to do to troubleshoot. I am using RMMV 1.3.4 via Steam.  I have not updated (to my knowledge) since I bought it a couple weeks ago. I have no active plugins.  ...

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