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  1. DesperateMeasurez

    Looking For Advice / Input

    Hello and thanks everyone who reads this. I'm just looking for your thoughts and opinions on this situation. I'm a bit confused and am curious if anyone else has been in a situation like this and what they did. And this isn't just for composers. I'm writing this from that point of view...
  2. DesperateMeasurez

    (FREE) Darren's Commercially Free Music (Over 170 Pieces!)

    Hello! My name is Darren and I'm here to share some free music with anyone who wants it. Anything I post in here is free to use in your projects. Commercially, non-commercially, as a ringtone, etc. The only restriction is attempting to resell, redistribute or claim the music as if it were your...
  3. DesperateMeasurez

    Music By Darren (DesperateMeasurez)

    Hello everyone! My name is Darren Curtis and I'm a musician/composer. I grew up playing many different RPGs from the SNES and early Playstation era. Ever since I can remember, the music to those games drew me in and never seemed to let go. Now, I've come full circle and am making my own music...

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Sometimes you Just need to realise someone is beyond help... Still hard to walk away tho :(
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Continuing working on abs. So far I have done the workout twice. I am excited to see the results after a couple of weeks. How is everyone doing? :)
MZ: oh boy imma work today
Me, excited: Really?
MZ, doesn't do what I tell It too
Me: I Thought-
MZ: I am Working!
Oof, this "side project" of mine is starting to get as complex as a VS plugin, at least as far as plugin parameters are concerned. I think I now understand why a plugin like this doesn't already exist(that I know of). Learning a lot while trying to make it work though!

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