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  1. Trust

    Need new tiles

    Hi, I need new tilesets for a school project. I need modern outside tiles but I need them for free or at the very least cheap. Can someone help me out with it please?
  2. Trust

    Different variables for a skill?

    Hi, I'm working on a skill that has different effects. It's a special skill, that can cause different status, like instant death or lowering stats. But I'm struggling with giving it different elements, and adding a chance of a luck lowering effect.
  3. Trust

    Going through a part of the map to the other using only one direction?

    Hi all, I started making maps for my games, and I made a 4 blocks wide passage from a map to another, and it has a weird way of working, like despite putting up and down on each block if I stay right in ront of a passage and press either left or right I can still go to the other map, and I want...
  4. Trust

    How to use the parallel process?

    Hi all, I tried to make an event using a parallel process, the event is a simple intro after starting a new game, with dark screen and some dialogue, but I don't know why, for a split second I see the character and the map before the intro starts. Can someone tell me what did I do wrong?
  5. Trust

    how to ad new items or weapons

    Hi all, I created a new weapon, and I'm trying to add the new icon I made for it, but even if I imported it I only see the other normal sprites from the iconset. How can I add my weapon?
  6. Trust

    character and weapon evolution

    Hi all, I'm making an open world rpg, and I want to implement a weapon evolution system, something like for example a knife evolving to an elemental sword, and I also want the protagonist to evolve at each boss he defeats, like taking their powers, changing also he's form. Can anyone tell me or...
  7. Trust

    Open world rpg

    Hello, I use rmvxa, and I want to make a story driven game, and making it open world, so I want to make alternative dialogues depending on what rout u taken first, so to make the story linear without taking off it's open world. Can anyone help me, or give me some advice?

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