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  1. SoftCloud

    SoftCloud Workstations +

    Workstations Contained herein are some workshop elements I've created. These work nicely with a crafting system or even a basic eventing system to create just a couple of items. Terms and Conditions are outlined with each instance. Further additions may be made. Blacksmith Table: This was...
  2. SoftCloud

    Irradiation State

    Is it possible to have a state that affects nearby/all enemies/actors?
  3. SoftCloud

    RMMV Wishing to force item upgrades through Yanfly's Item Upgrade Plugin

    As the title suggests, I've wanted to force Item Upgrades through Yanfly's Item Upgrade Plugin as I figured it would make the experience much more simple. Currently I've forgone item upgrades to just replace the weapons through chest interaction. But, if possible I'd prefer to upgrade them...
  4. SoftCloud

    Light Layer Over Menu

    This is a curiosity I have for a side project I have. My side game features day cycles. I was curious if it were possible to add (like with parallax mapping) a light layer overtop of the main menu /sub menus. The idea I have is making the menu feel like a physical object and involved with the...
  5. SoftCloud

    50's Vintage Style Cars and Bus

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Style, realistic size. Description: I’m looking for 50's styled cars. Or styles between the 20's-50's cars, which allows for creative manipulability. I'm not looking for exact replications of existing cars just the general stylistic...
  6. SoftCloud

    State Remove Based on Low HP

    I have an enemy that transforms at the beginning of battle, and the idea is when the transformed enemy loses enough HP the enemy transforms back. Tried using means of troop conditions, but 'Transformed-Enemies' don't appear in any dropdown menus." Is there a way to achieve state removal through...
  7. SoftCloud

    Row Formation in Front-View Battle

    So, this has been bugging me here and there for a while. I have specialized in front-view battle systems, but, I struggle to see a reason why formation is used save for establishing the party leader. Is there some other use I'm not finding through web searches? Also, has anyone come up with...
  8. SoftCloud

    Variable Enemy Art

    I've wanted to add a bit more dynamics to the Front-View Battle System. So I've created duplicates of the same enemy but with different arts. While not all enemies have duplicates due to rarity many do. However, this results in a bloating of the enemy databank. I'm unsure if there is an obscure...
  9. SoftCloud

    Want to use SceneManager.snapForBackground()

    I tried searching about but didn't find what I was after. I'm interested in using the 'blurry map snapshot' when interacting with certain objects to pull up an image based menu. Essentially: interact with chest Background snapshot Change player character into arrow to allow choose between...
  10. SoftCloud

    YEP More Currencies

    Good evening, This is a quick question I wanted to toss out here before just buying one of the plugin packs from Yanfly. The plugin : More Currencies is down. I can’t purchase the plugin individually. While the pack isn’t much im also trying to be frugal . Are there good alternatives to YEP...
  11. SoftCloud

    Custom Menu Problem

    Greetings, I developed a relationship menu since I didn't want to show variables for relationship progress. I opted to use stars instead. Also able to show perks unlocked and relationship information as levels progress that the normal menu methods don’t really have an ability to do. Problem...
  12. SoftCloud

    Ambient sound mixed with Map BGM

    Good day. So this desire has persisted a while for me. I make use of ambient sounds (candles, dripping water, foot steps) within my game and much like Fallout and Borderlands, there is ambient music with occasional BGMs. I feel my game would atmospherically improve through this method. Is this...
  13. SoftCloud

    RPG Maker MV Battle HUD Script Condition Question

    So, I have SRD HUD Maker, and am modifying the Battle Menus. The window graphic is removed so I can add graphics. (Sorry, graphics aren't final renders) However, when I open the Item or Skill Menu, I'm unsure how to make another image appear only when those menus are opened. I assume it's...
  14. SoftCloud

    Class Item Restriction In and Outside of Battle

    Good Day, So, I have Yanfly's Item Class Restriction Plugin, and it only works within battle. The class restriction won't work outside of battle. And while I can use it for one part of my game, a major part of my game won't work with it. I need item restriction that depends on if the player...
  15. SoftCloud

    State After Revival

    So, basically, I want to cause an actor to receive a 'disoriented' state after they are revived either by item or by battle's end. I know I can induce the disoriented state through revival items, but I'm not sure how to go about this after the end of a battle if knockout doesn't persist. Any...
  16. SoftCloud

    Yanfly Engine Core [Menus Missing]

    Good day, So, I'm still getting the hang of plugins--but I have a suite of them and have yet to have much problems. Yanfly's work is incredible, but, I'm having difficult with the Core Engine, and the Core Engine Expansion. I've installed them both, per the instructions, and even installed the...

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