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  1. Maliki's Attach Augments EX ver 1.5

    Hey Maliki79, you need a patch for the CannotDetach augment, I wrote one if you want to add it // Augments - CannotDetach Patch var ItemManager_applyAugmentCanotDetachPatch = ItemManager.applyAugmentCanotDetach ItemManager.applyAugmentCanotDetach = function(mainItem, slotId) { if...
  2. VE - Battle Motions

    Is there a compatibility patch to work with Ellye's atb/ctb plugin?
  3. Instant Turn Battle

    Oh nice didn't know victor had a atb, I'll look at it, changing it from atb to ctb shouldn't be too hard. I just hate coding in the battle system I don't know why it just makes my head spin trying to follow the code for battle systems lol. That's why I love it when people code out new battle...
  4. Instant Turn Battle

    Thanks Kovak, if that's the case its definitely not what I'm looking for, plus I saw last night that it requires yanfly's core, so still not usable with victors throw. I'll probably still look at it though to see the turn order display. It really sounded like DreamX did a amazing job on that.
  5. Instant Turn Battle

    Thats pretty much just like 10 though, I guess I'm just not seeing the functional difference between whether there are ticks or not. I mean from a gameplay perspective you never even seen the ticks, so the only thing I can think that'd be different is that you couldn't easily make different...
  6. Instant Turn Battle

    Hey @DreamX so I started looking through this, but I'm still not sure exactly what the functional difference, between this and yanfly's plugin. I mean I know his is discontinued, but its working and so I'm not sure if I should switch.  Using your plugin would I still be able to do a battle...
  7. JP Levels

    Is it still at the same place?
  8. Cache Manager

    Nice, I saw that conversation going on about this problem in another thread glad to know someone's already fixed the issue, good job shaz I'll test once I figure out porting to mobiles.
  9. Side view Battlers?

    I wasn't saying they weren't working their buts off or implying anything close to them not contributing... I don't know why or even how you could get that from what I said. I mean really go back and read the post and stop looking for a fight. All I said was that it's disappointing that nobody...
  10. Orange Custom Events

    Awesome, that's exactly what I was looking for, I just wasn't sure if it was included or if I needed to write something up :) your plugins always seem to have what I want before I know I want it lol
  11. Orange Custom Events

    Hey Hudell, I was wondering I know there is a variable to make a event stay on the map, so when you leave and come back it's still there. But is there anyway to clear that afterwards ? Like say I want to populate a dungeon with random events on entering, but when I leave I want to be able to...
  12. JP Levels

    Your welcome :) and I hope you have happy holidays too.
  13. JP Levels

    I'm sure I can add a tag that would let you auto learn a skill at a job level. That shouldn't be hard at all. I'll add it as soon as I can :)
  14. JP Levels

    You mean like automatically learn a skill as soon as you hit job level 2? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding I've never played bravely default.
  15. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thanks for the reply, I needed to set the current battles tho, but I found it. It was a challenge getting my battle swap plugin to work with your ctb when I originally design it around another system. But I got it to work. Thanks :)
  16. Equip Skill System

    No problem at all, it's the least I could do for you after you made the script for everyone :D
  17. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey Yanfly is there any built-in code, that set's a battler to the current attacker?
  18. Equip Skill System

    For the Equip Type Icon maybe you could only show the icon and name when there isn't a skill equipped, once there's a skill equipped the icon and the name could disappear, it might look better, what do you think? Hey also you use DataManager.isDatabaseLoadedAnd it often gets called multiple...
  19. Equip Slots Core

    Ohhhh.... I see, now I feel ******ed lol, I need to read better. Sorry for the confusion
  20. Equip Slots Core

    Well if a warrior changes to a mage he should equip a staff instead of a sword. in an earlier post you said you have to specify what the actor is suppose to equip, such as a staff being I'd 4 so it was w4

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