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  1. outatime

    Human Sprite Sized Gyrfalcon

    Bump before post goes necro.
  2. outatime

    Human Sprite Sized Gyrfalcon

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: RPG MAKER MV Art Style: RMMV RTP Description: Okay, so what I'm looking for is a pair of front facing character sheets of a human sized (or slightly bigger) white gyrfalcon. If possible, I would like one with a stepping animation with it just sitting...
  3. outatime

    General Convention for expressing Emotion/Actions

    That's what I have been using, and I like them fairly well. My problem is that I'm not sure how to convey emotion beyond what comes with the base balloons. I've seen Yanfly's stuff for making icon balloons and other custom balloons, but what would convey something like a sigh or resignation...
  4. outatime

    General Convention for expressing Emotion/Actions

    Is there any sort of generally accepted convention for expressing emotion in these sorts of RPG Maker Games? Or at least, for expressions that do not quite fall under expressions associated with balloon icons? For example, a years ago, in certain, strictly text based RPGs, general convention...

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