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  1. Kwerty

    RMMV Yomi No Kuni

    Screenshots in this Spoiler. Videos Mini Trailer Beta Battle System Beta Introducing the Oni (Gameplay Video) Mini Game Beta More Info Progress %'s for demo release. - World Map Design - 100% - Battle System Features and Layout - 85% - General Mapping - 80% - Battler...
  2. Kwerty

    Info dumps and exposition in your story writing?

    The purpose of the thread is to hopefully create a talking point + maybe help people to identify and consider removing unnecessary info dumps within their creative writing. -- Something I've been aware of when writing the plot line and story for Path Of A Samurai has been the way we deliver...
  3. Kwerty

    24 x Battlesheets! (Free for commercial/non commercial use!)

    So, a while ago I had created these battlesheets and now I am making them free for use. They are similar to "holders" battlers in the layout etc. Free for commercial/non commercial use. Just credit me, if you intend to use these in your project or intend to re-post them anywhere! Find sheets...
  4. Kwerty

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    PATH OF A SAMURAI We've reached a milestone on the design and direction of the project. Aside from moving away from the original game title, we've gone ahead and made some major changes to game play and art style.. We've changed the direction of the project to the point that many of the...
  5. Kwerty

    Found assets for sale online.. turns out they weren't legit.

    So I probably can't/shouldn't name sites right now or peopl,e but just wanted to voice my opinion out here. I was recently looking for assets for a new project (Eternity Tales 2) and came across multiple websites with great assets for sale, great quality and reasonably priced too. In the...
  6. Kwerty

    Character Generator

    Looking for some help with this.. I've recently purchased the Japanese Character Generator Expansions 1,2,3. - I downloaded the ZIP files, unpacked them. - I located RPGMV folder in c:/ program files x86, kadowaka, rpgmv, generator - I placed the files from each folder of Japanese Character...
  7. Kwerty

    RMVXA Eternity Tales (The First Journey) - Released for Download!

    Finally the game is complete and ready for download! I expect people will complete the game within 5-7 hours. Over 1000 personal hours in to game development, spread over 3 years along with some capital investment in the resources used! I do hope people find some enjoyment in playing and...
  8. Kwerty

    Can someone fix my strange symbols?

    Hi all, I'm currently using a custom font in-game, which occasionally displays a strange symbol instead of an arrow = "->" I have obtained a script snippet to fix the error, it fixes the strange symbol in a couple of areas, but I would also like to fix it in my Items list. I think this...
  9. Kwerty

    Re-installing RPG Maker VX ACE - some advice?

    Hi Guys, Quick question, i purchased RPG Maker VX ACE through steam, I've always seemed to have problems with Steam so I've decided it would be better for me to have a copy that isn't linked to Steam. If i already own a copy through Steam, would i have to pay for the software again if I...
  10. Kwerty

    How can I change the main actor?

    Hi Guys, Quick question, I'm wondering if there is a way to change the main actor half way through a game without using a script ideally. So that essentially a new character story begins and basically a new part of the game begins with that new character as lead role. The new character...
  11. Kwerty

    Conflicting Scripts Yanfly ATB and Mogs Picture CM

    I have a problem with what seems to be a script conflict, Now I'll do my best to describe the problem here. To sum up in one sentence "Actor portraits' sits in the middle of the screen while their ATB gauge fills." - It is worth noting that at the start of battle, no pictures are shown as...
  12. Kwerty

    Random Battle Transitions Script, leads to crash on encryption

    Hi guys, Thought I'd throw up a topic for this and see if anyone has the knowledge to help with what's likely and hopefully a simple solution.. I'm using the below script, it's a short one. I have everything in place and the script works fine, until i encrypt the game. I receive an error to...
  13. Kwerty

    Busts displayed during battle script request

    * I consider this topic closed. "" Wondering if there is already a script for this or kindly asking if someone in the community would create this? I'm looking for a script that will allow an actors bust image to appear when it is their turn in battle. Something similar to Moghunters CM, see...
  14. Kwerty

    Moghunter Actor Picture CM or similar

    Hey guys, forgot to mention in the title this is for VXACE any help would be appreciated on this one, So, I was wanting to display an actor image when it was that actors turn in combat. Something similar to that of Moghunters Actor Picture CM script, Which would display as below. (attached...
  15. Kwerty

    I have a problem with projects

    Hi guys, So i've got a problem, wondering if anyone could help shed some light on it. Will do my best to explain here. I have the steam version of RPG Maker VX Ace, which i downloaded and installed around a month ago on this computer. I installed Steam on to my second drive since my main is...
  16. Kwerty

    Hello all!

    So, whenever i join a new community, i always take the time to say hello in the general thread. I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for around a week, in that time i have clocked around 30-40 hours and created around 1.5 hours of my first game in that time. As well as coming to terms with how the...

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