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  1. Yin

    Email Notifications

    How do I turn back on email notifications for RMWeb? I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I just completely stopped getting notifications. I still get alerts (on site) just fine.
  2. Yin

    Animated Sprite In Window (Fixed)

    Hello JS Coders, I've been trying to make a sprite animate in a window for the longest time and have not been able to get it working. I assume I am doing something wrong with the creation of the sprite itself. this.updateBitmap() is the function that shows the sprite on the window. (It...
  3. Yin

    Walk off screen

    Does anyone know of a way to make a character walk off screen (Passed the edge of the map)? As it is now, characters can only walk to the edge of the map.
  4. Yin

    Move Route Labels

    Hi everyone! I have a request to make and hopefully it is not too complicated. I'm trying make conditionals in my move route (autonomous move routes). I need a way to create points to jump to within a move route. It would work just like the one in event pages. Create label and jump to label...
  5. Yin

    Code Off #2 : Bestiary (Unfinished & Not Entered)

    This is a totally unfinished version of my bestiary meant for the code off. I got caught up with something else and was not able to finish or release it in time for the contest. Mind you this is a raw, uncommented, unpolished, and UNFINISHED version. It is lacking a scan skill and enemies are...
  6. Yin

    Changed image changes EVERY instance of that image?

    So I changed a battler's image to include some blur for a scene, but when I go into battle that enemy in a regular battle, the blur is still on him. My code: enemy_image = enemy_image.visible = false enemy_image.bitmap = Cache.battler(enemy.battler_name, 0) if...
  7. Yin

    Proportionate scaling of an image using blt stretch.

    I need help trying to figure out if this is possible. I don't see any methods for it. My code is this, but I noticed that it stretches the whole image to fit the box.     image =    image.visible = false    image.bitmap = Cache.image(image_name, 0)    rect =, 0...
  8. Yin

    Disposing An Image In A Loop

    I'm having trouble disposing an image that is in a loop. def draw_target_image @target_arrow.dispose if @target_arrow BattleManager.ctb_order.each_with_index do |i, index| if i[:name] == if enemy.index @target_arrow =
  9. Yin

    Array order

    I have a piece of code that is not working as intended. loop for item         num = all[m_index][2]         num.times do           @stuff[index] << item         end end   item gives me a number, not an array. It's supposed to push the item into the array num times. For some reason, it...
  10. Yin

    Scrolling window cuts off text.

    Hopefully this has a simple solution. I've made a window and I want it to be scrollable up and down by the player. Everything works properly except that the text in the window gets cut off. How do I make that not happen? I'm using Tidloc's draw_html command from his HTML script to draw the...
  11. Yin

    Setting Cursor Rect To Match Draw Item Locations

    Say I have duplicate slots. Is there a way to make them show horizontally rather than vertically? While everything else shows vertically? EX:  Weapon Armor Ring       Ring        Ring Gem       Gem I am using Tsukihime's Core Slots, Custom Equip Slots, Dynamic Equip Slots, Equippable Limits...
  12. Yin

    Check by name if an item exists

    How do I check by name if an item exists in the database and then return the ID of the item?  This is in RGSS3.
  13. Yin

    NPCs Don't Move Passed Edge Of A Looped Map

    Right now, I have an event set up where the player is getting chased by some enemies, but for some reason the NPCs won't go passed the edge of the map which is looped. Is there a way to force them to chase my hero passed the edge using move towards player?
  14. Yin

    VE - Target Arrow

    For those of you with this error: Script ‘Window_Base’ line 408: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘hp’ for nil:NilClass. If you don't want to sacrifice the enemy name, color, and states display by switching the help window off, I fixed mine by finding this method in window help (in the...

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