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  1. Punamaagi

    What did you study in high school/college?

    I studied a variety of subjects in high-school (advanced mathematics, physics, languages + a few courses on philosophy and psychology), but I went on to study French Translation Studies at the university (with English Translation Studies and Comparative Literature as my minor subjects). While it...
  2. Punamaagi

    Why does it seem foreigners speak English better?

    One reason why non-native speakers might seem to speak English "better" is that they tend to be more aware of the grammatical rules and the way formal language works. Native speakers of a language don't usually have to spend conscious effort to communicate in the language in question: they grow...
  3. Punamaagi

    Map Madness: WINNERS!

    Congratulations to @Calamitous Magic for the victory (and @coucassi for the title of the Map Oracle), and thanks to both the organizers and all the participants for an interesting and inspiring contest! Even though I didn't make it past Round 1, I feel like I've learned a lot from the maps I've...
  4. Punamaagi

    Top 8 Theme: Elemental Dungeon! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/19

    Congratulations and good luck to all the eight who qualified! This round's theme sounds both intriguing and tough, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. :LZSsmile:
  5. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Tournament Finals Submissions!

    All of us secretly wanted to fulfill the imaginary protagonist's dream of not losing their home. *nods* I have to say that this round looks very exciting. There is a nice variety in the maps and all of them are good, so I'm curious to see how things will go!
  6. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 9 Poll (Quexp)

    I found your map pleasing to look at: there are a lot of "points of interest", and I agree with the above posts in that the wooden house is very nicely designed. I also like the shape of the cliffs even though hiddenone's point about varying the cliff height is probably a good one. One thing...
  7. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 16 Poll (Punamaagi)

    The FSM Woods and Cave tiles have rounded shadows on the various B sheets (Forest01, Forest02 and Dungeon01 at least - I mostly used Forest01), and the same seems to go for Autumn Woods and Rural Tiles & Castle and Town sets, too. Unfortunately Town of Beginnings seems to be the exception and...
  8. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 28 Poll (Calamitous Magic)

    I really like the colour scheme of your map: the MV Trinity tiles are gorgeous, and you made good use of them to create what feels to me something out of an old-school RPG/adventure game. There are a lot of interesting details, too, but the map doesn't feel too cluttered. Good luck with the next...
  9. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 16 Poll (Punamaagi)

    Thank you both for the kind comments! I was happy to discover that FSM tilesets include rounded shadows (in addition to rounded cliffs), especially since I'm oddly fond of mapping multi-level cliffs. Your map was one of my favourites, @Calamitous Magic, so I'm very much looking forward to the...
  10. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Eh, I wouldn't pay too much attention to low votes. Some people may have had harsher judging criteria, and as the old wisdom goes, you can't really argue about taste. I avoided both extremes in my votes and had a slight bias towards above average scores. I think that this is a good idea. While...
  11. Punamaagi

    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Hopefully I'm not asking a dumb question, but how should the map screenshots be taken? By using RPG Maker's 'Save As Image' function or by running the game and taking screen captures?
  12. Punamaagi

    Your forum name?

    I think I've replied in a similar thread before, but 'Punamaagi' is a slightly shortened form of 'punainen maagi', which means "red mage" in Finnish. Red Mages have always been my favourite class in the Final Fantasy franchise due to their jack-of-all-trades nature and their style, and I have...
  13. Punamaagi

    [Poll] Friendly Fire

    I agree with other posters in that friendly fire is okay in tactical games, but I don't personally like it. It tends to frustrate me more than anything else, particularly if it has elements that are difficult to predict or calculate (such as 'chain lightning' type spells in some games)...
  14. Punamaagi

    If you could make any laws what laws would you make?

    When it comes to my home country (Finland), I'm not sure if I would make any new laws, but I'd definitely change the way our law treats transgender people. Currently, anyone who wishes to officially change their gender needs to be unable to reproduce - i.e. get sterilized if they aren't sterile...
  15. Punamaagi

    National Cultural Divergence in Indie Game Development Survey (Help me complete my university project!)

    I just filled out the survey. The idea sounded intriguing, so hopefully you'll get enough responses for your research project. One point of criticism I have is that some terms could have been explained better, especially if you want responses from non-native English speakers. For instance, the...
  16. Punamaagi

    Skill Duration & Player Engagement

    I've been going through my database recently, and I recently started wondering whether skills that last multiple rounds can be considered engaging or interesting. When it comes to skill duration and its relationship with skill effect (damage etc.), I can think of a few skill sub types...
  17. Punamaagi

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    While I chose 'Adults' in the poll, I often prefer if there's a bit of an age difference between characters. To me, age is a character trait much like race, gender or education, and the differences can lead to interesting dialogue and contrast. The main cast in my project includes both a...
  18. Punamaagi

    I've restarted my current main project several times (proven by how I found a folder for it in...

    I've restarted my current main project several times (proven by how I found a folder for it in my RMXP files), so it's probably best that I don't do that again, yeah. I reckon I'm mostly torn because I'm curious about MZ and buying an engine without anything to test it on feels like a waste...
  19. Punamaagi

    @The Stranger - do you mean start something new in MZ after completing my old project? In that...

    @The Stranger - do you mean start something new in MZ after completing my old project? In that case, I'd have to wait quite a while... given how I've barely got a demo done after a few years of fiddling with MV, haha. >.>' I reckon I might be able to work on two projects if the second one (in...
  20. Punamaagi

    My biggest dilemma regarding RPG Maker MZ: if I buy it, would it be better to transfer my old...

    My biggest dilemma regarding RPG Maker MZ: if I buy it, would it be better to transfer my old project (and accept that I have to start some things from the scratch) or start a new project (and risk abandoning the previous one)?

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