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  1. N-Amata

    LUCK, and how state/buff/debuff application chance works.

    The Luck stat had always been vague- within the editor, it is described as "Affects the chance of things like status ailments occurring." All well and good, it can be assumed then that Luck applies to the application of Buffs, Debuffs, and Status Effects. Here is my question: is there a...
  2. N-Amata

    Help with Yanfly's CTB

    Hi! I am using Yanfly's CTB system in my game, which has a battle system that closely resembles a card game. Firstly, I don't want the Turn Order determining formula to be so complicated, but I am a simpleton and setting the "Full Turn" to 1, the Speed per Tick to 0, and the Initial Speed to 1...
  3. N-Amata

    RMMV Diving into Crime Underworld of Modern Fantasy

    A game prototype and an idea I had— after listening to music. Story Essentially, the world is that of fantasy— magic, creatures, and myths, but set in modern times. Along with the advent of technology, crime is also becoming more and more sophisticated. This is where the story comes in. Burr...
  4. N-Amata

    Cannot read property 'resizeTo' of undefined?

    When I tried to playtest my game, I got this. Any help?
  5. N-Amata

    Loose Leaf Generator Problems

    So I decided to take Loose Leaf's generator for a spin but whenever I click on the image it produces, it keeps giving me a blank picture named "None." Am I doing something wrong here?
  6. N-Amata

    Requesting for someone better than me to make a map.

    I want a map for a fan game I'm making. But I'm bad at mapping so.. Resource Type: Map Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Up to Artist Description: A Field Map of Remnant, the world the webseries RWBY is set in. However, I'm just need the landmasses and their respective terrains (like deserts, snowy...

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