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  1. taylorpayton

    Taylor's Art

    I'm here to share some of my favorite works! This is from a personal project I work on from time to time. Inspired by Akihiko Yoshida and the FF Tactics Series.
  2. taylorpayton

    Freelance Artist and RPG fan on the scene.

    Hey Y'all. I'm a 29-year old artist who's been working as a freelancer since 2013. I run a Youtube channel where I teach drawing as well. When I'm not working on client work, I typically write and draw personal stuff related to IP's I've got brewing. I try to put in some time for composing...

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Look what I found, it was my first ABS.

This project was never completed because I had lost the computer where it was stored.
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Is there any way to get more than 8 enemies in a troop in RMMV or is that limit pretty much hardcoded into the engine?

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