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  1. piksalh

    Conditional branch if key is only pressed for a short time, but not being holded

    Howdy, Is it possible to set that conditional branch in the common parallel event will only activate if specific key is pressed for a short time, but not if being holded? Because strange things happens if player holds the key. Normally this event should not repeat and would end after one cycle...
  2. piksalh

    Eoncounter for moving events

    Howdy dear makers, Could you help me to solve a problem? I use specific moving system in my game world map. Basically the player is a pointer and moves around the map to choose where to go for a plane event. When the player hits enter, the plane event starts to go to the target tile by auto...
  3. piksalh

    Battle turn counter

    Howdy, could anybody help me to implement battle turn counter in the regular side battle system? A small window in the top right corner shows how many turns were made in battle. It should renew after every turn. I don't know how to display variable value during the battle without stopping it...
  4. piksalh

    CDR - Show Variables both on map and battle

    Hello, I’m trying to make a hud that displays items count and icons. I’m using "CDR – Show variables" script. Everything works perfect except I don't know how to display variables on battle scene. Can You help me finding out how to do it? If it's not possible, maybe anyone knows similar...
  5. piksalh

    Y value position as variable

    Hello, I’m trying to make hud that shows items count and icons. I’m using "CDR – Show variables" script. Everything works perfect except I don’t know how to set y value position in a specific way. I want item count with icon appear in hud only when player gets it. Let’s say player could have...
  6. piksalh

    Script to stop parallel common event

    Hello, I'm trying to make custom hud that updates itself every frame or at least every second. I need it to show pictures and item counts. I need it to auto-hide on specific regions, also when player opens menu and when map event says to stop showing it. I successfully created custom hud...
  7. piksalh

    Display item quantity in battle scene

    Hello! I'm trying to show one item (ammo) quantity in the battle scene. I only succeeded to understand that It's impossible for me to do, because i can't code at all... I would be glad if someone could help! Layout is number which is the quantity of the item (id=100) and then 24x24 icon from...
  8. piksalh

    Skill hotkeys in battle

    Hello! There are hotkey scripts for action battle systems but what about vanilla battle system? Is there any way to select skill (there are only few of them in my game) with keyboard input instead going through battle menu? P.S.: my game is one player party game. Example: 1. battle starts 2...

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