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  1. florodude

    RMMZ Element Damage Text Color

    Hey, I hope this request would be simple for somebody who knew what they're doing. What i'm hoping for is a plugin that would change the color of the damage number text during the battle to reflect the element that was used for the damage. If you're feeling extra creative, the ability to add...
  2. florodude

    Crucible's Collectibles System

    Crucible's Collectibles v1.02 Crucible Gaming v1.01: Fixed compatibility issue with a few plugins. v1.02 Added terms of use. TL;DR Creative Commons Attribution/No-Derivs Introduction Crucible's Collectibles is a collectibles system for RPG Maker MZ. It features a robust collectibles system...
  3. florodude

    RMMZ Clearing images, and am I drawing dynamic text correctly?

    Hey all, I'm currently working on a Collectibles plugin. The current code is as follows: /*: *@target MZ * @author Crucible Gaming * @plugindesc Allows for collectibles to be added throughout your game. * *@param Collectible Title *@type text *@default Collectibles *@desc This is what your...
  4. florodude

    RMMZ Cannot get my Window_Selectable to work

    Hey, I am trying to create a Window_Selectable on RPG Maker MZ, and cannot for the life of me get it to work. The items show up, and the first item is selected, then I can't move the keys to get them to change selection...Here's the code. This is from this "tutorial": var params =...
  5. florodude

    Simple Name Generator Plugin 1.0 [MV]

    Name Generator 1.0 By Florodude Introduction This script pulls in random names from one or more text files to be used however you want it in your game. It also features a very simple random number generation script. Instructions 1. Install the plugin. 2. Find or create a txt file with one...
  6. florodude

    Potential Yanfly Synthesis Bug

    Hey guys, I had a really weird error that would occur whenever I tried to create an independant item using the synthesis plugin. The item was... I went into the plugin and changed the value from the function to just 0. It works now, but in the synthesis terminal it obviously says "0" for...

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