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  1. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for an Auto-Skip Text and save during Event plugins

    Hello! Jac here. I'm actually trying to set up my own Visual Novel but I'm using RPG maker MZ for it. Preferably compatible with Visu Stella's plugins. It's as the title says. I'm hoping to be able to auto skip through the messages. Or more accurate, to "rush" through the event without truly...
  2. JacSkulls

    RMMZ The Guild of Jasperaian

    The Guild of Jasperaian WARNINGS There are Racism against Elves in parts, Alcohol talk, excessive Languages, made up religions and Gore. The Game is created for Mature Audiences of 17 and up. If any of these contents offend you, ignore the game. This game has flashing lights so if you are...
  3. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a previously read/Roll Back Plugin

    Hello, all! Jac here! Since I am nearly done with my Chapter 1 of The Guild of Jasperaian (Should be release in a few weeks now for all to play), I am currently getting ready to start my next project. I want to try going for a more Visual Novel approach with this new project. But in order to do...
  4. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Needing help with adding a new code to VisuStella Option Core

    Hello, all! Jac here! First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I figured since I'm trying to learn JS codes and putting them into the Option Core, I thought it should be for Learning Javascript. If this is wrong, I'm sorry. And thank you for putting this in the right spot. I am...
  5. JacSkulls

    RMMZ A way to change the help info midgame?

    I don't know exactly what one would call this. Also, I was hoping for a script call for this one but not 100% sure if it's even implemented. I've been using VisuStella's plugins which changes the Menu style and whatnot. There's a help guide inside the Menu. (ENTER): SELECT (INSERT): BACK I...
  6. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a New Game Plus Plugin

    Hello, everyone! Jac here! I'm currently looking for a New Game Plus plugin, as the title says. So far, I've only been able to find one for MV. But needs it for this specific game. The reason being is that it'll be a in progress type game until a certain chapter. Yeah, I'm a "chapter" guy...
  7. JacSkulls

    Needing help with either plugin or script call Choice selection!

    To the Mod, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. It literally took me 15 minutes just to select this one. So if it's in the wrong place, thank you for taking the trouble to put this in the right place. You guys are Heroes for keeping things in order. :D Yes, this is for RPG Maker MZ...
  8. JacSkulls

    Problem with Deploying Games on Plugins

    Hello. Not sure if there's another Forum about this topic or not. Or if I'm in the right place to discuss this. Yes, this is MZ. I notice when trying to deploy the game and then adding things that won't recognize it as being part of the game with it. I clicked on the Plugin and saw that even...
  9. JacSkulls

    RPG Maker MZ's issue with Party Actor 10

    Sorry. Not entirely sure where to post this one. I ran into an issue involving Characters and a Variable to decide which Actor is Party Member #1. I have an Actor on the 10th selection but for some reason, that Actor won't be displayed. Actor 1 to 8 will. But not 10. I haven't tried Actor 9 yet...
  10. JacSkulls

    Help with Window Resizer

    Hello! Jac here. (Hope I'm in the right forum) I'm having trouble with using Vlue's Basic Window Resizer. Not sure what's going on, truly. I tried playing a video at the start of the game but the video doesn't enlarge itself. This is what it looks like at fullscreen. I was wondering if there...
  11. JacSkulls

    Help with Languages?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here. Been away from home a little too long. Lol. I have no idea if this is the right thread for it or not. I'm wanting to know more about switching languages from English to Spanish. Just that I promise someone that I would try to make it in Spanish as well. No, I'm not a...
  12. JacSkulls

    Players renaming Map.ID? Is it possible?

    Hello, everyone! Jac here. Is it possible for players to rename any maps in the game? If so, how do one go about it? If it involve events, I must have read past it. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if I did. Words are like Ninja. They hide. I mean, I'm totally innocent! Lol If it isn't possible...
  13. JacSkulls

    Save Transfer to another file and adding another game to the main game?

    Hello! Jac here! Save Transfer question. Just wondering if there is a possible script for VX Ace on Save Transfer to another game? Like creating a new Save Database that save itself in another game and continue on from there using the same map but different characters? Especially if I ran out...
  14. JacSkulls

    Tactical Battle System

    Hello everyone! Jac here! I'm sorry if this question has been asked! But I was wondering if there is a TBS similar to Suikoden 3 tbs (More RPG style, not the game itself) and Suikoden 4 grid system (they way it moves like chess). Basically, I just want to know if there is a way to control...
  15. JacSkulls

    Rules or Legal discussion for materials?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here! Sorry if this is a stupid question! I tried looking into this but it kept giving me other things such as "How to transfer files from VX Ace to MV" or whatever. And there's a slight possibility that I might have gotten the answer I was looking for but I'm not entirely...
  16. JacSkulls

    Help with Player Movement

    I'm not sure if this should be in Script Request or something else so please forgive me for choosing the wrong Forum Area. Jac here! I was just wondering if there is a way to move players that are in Control to move freely upper-left/right and lower-left/right without using Events. Especially...
  17. JacSkulls

    A little help with Script(s)

    Hello everyone! Jac here again! I am trying to make a "simple" return to Title during a movie. Something like this. Graphics.play_movie('Movies/My Movie') unless input.trigger?(:C) But it seem like I'm missing something or lack certain knowledge. I don't know why but I feel like this can...
  18. JacSkulls

    A Skip Command for Movies?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here. I'm new to Scripting and I am trying to learn things. Of course, I'd like to know if there is a Skip Command for Movies. I actually manage to make it so that the video would play before the Title Screen but realize if I made the video any longer than it is, it would be...
  19. JacSkulls

    Yanfly Party System and Vlue's Row Formation

    Hello, everyone! Jac, here! Just wanting to know if there is a way to combine both Yanfly's Party System and Vlue's Formation Bonus (3x3) scripts without truly overwriting anything. Or maybe a certain add on to Formation Fix so that I can actually see the Actors in battle. Or maybe make it so...
  20. JacSkulls

    A little help with Vlue's Formation Bonus and Yanfly's Party System

    Hello, Everyone! Hope I'm in the right Forum area this time. Lol I made a Thread some time ago about the whole Party members not appearing in the game. But now I think it might be a script because when I put the Formation Bonus above Yanfly's Party System, the party members get out of Reserve...

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