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  1. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Sprite button script help

    Thank you both Gamefall Team and Shaz! ^_^ I'm trying to make the sprite button active skillId 1 only. Gamefall Team, I tried adding this function to the script and binding it to my sprite button. I am not getting any errors, however my biutton is not doing anything...
  2. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Script changes not showing up in my project

    Other topic is about a part of the script where I'm trying to achieve a particular outcome to a sprite button. This topic is about my project randomly becoming unresponsive to changes in said script. Thank you Naveed! I had indeed not closed a bracket to one of the functions! >_^ #N00bLyfe...
  3. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Script changes not showing up in my project

    To clarify there's two problems to be addressed. I fear that if I were to write about both of them in one topic: one would be overlooked and the lengthy description may put some people off of reading it, as well as making it a little more confusing...!
  4. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Sprite button script help

    So, I've been watching SoulPour777's Sprite Button tutorial: . I am using this as a basis for writing a script which enables sprite button commands in the battle scene (intended for touch screen), and removing the default windowed command system. At first: everything was going great! I had the...
  5. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Script changes not showing up in my project

    I have encountered a major problem in the development of my project: I was making a plugin which enables sprite buttons to activate skills (in a battle scene). After some success I started having to experiment a little (within my own script only) to try make my buttons to work the way intended...
  6. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Simultaneous Player and enemy action

    Thank you both Kino and Andar for your comments! ^_^ A somewhat work-around to what I'm trying to achieve: I have made all attack 2-turn attacks, meaning states can be applied to each character (before damage is dealt), to enable attacks to deal various damage, based on the opponent's choice...
  7. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Simultaneous Player and enemy action

    Hey everyone! I'm trying my hand at learning Javascript, as I've been unsucessful finding a plugin for the Battle system I have in mind. Its a 1v1 Rock-paper-scissors type game. However, damage is dealt using a 6 skills (which deal various multiplier of damage against one another) and I plan to...
  8. C7A7L7V7I7N

    RMMV Plugin Commission request: 1V1, same-time-attack, side view Battle system

    I'm looking to have a battle system commissioned, similar to the Suikoden duels . So heres what I'm looking for: A 1v1, same-time attack, side view battle system. Both the player and enemy attack at the same time. However, if both are landing a KO attack, damage is first dealt by the...

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