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  1. pinnedmoth

    Qualifying Next Action Program

    I want my penguins to go into a frenzy when shot with projectiles, but not when jumped on. Right now, I have it set up so that Walking Right goes to Frenzy Right (increased speed) when gadget is attacked. However, I think the game interprets this to mean being jumped on as well, because the...
  2. pinnedmoth

    Out of Ammo?

    I'm experimenting with my tutorial-made game. I tried giving my player the ability to shoot, following the instructions I remembered from the tutorial on Projectiles. But I must be missing a step, because while my player shoots fine, he apparently loses the ability to shoot once the number of...
  3. pinnedmoth

    Free Graphics?

    Just curious: Does anyone know a site where there are full-drawn graphics open to public use and that would work on IGM? I believe there were some I downloaded from IGM itself, though they were specifically and exclusively RPG effects. I also know that you may use the graphics included in the...
  4. pinnedmoth

    More than One Tile-set per Canvas

    Is it possible to use multiple tile-sets for the same canvas?
  5. pinnedmoth

    Shared GPDs?

    It seems to me that this should already be a point of discussion, yet I did not see it. Are there GPDs online of finished or semi-finished games that are open to all? I know IG Maker comes with its own three sample games, but I'm a keen observer and learn more the more I see.
  6. pinnedmoth

    Colliding gadgets

    I'm trying to create a block that falls on a platform myself, but I'm having no luck either. EDIT(a): Setting the block to move left when three conditions are met will make the block pushable: (1) Command was entered - LEFT, (2) Collided with another gadget, and (3) The player gadget touched...
  7. pinnedmoth

    Tutorial on Player Health?

    Is there a tutorial on setting up Player Health? I ask because Vinosec's tutorial on "Health-Bar" begins by saying "We’ve already went over how to show enemy and player health with numbers." It also refers to prior steps supposedly taken in setting up the player's health with numbers. I was...
  8. pinnedmoth

    Tutorials 10 & 11

    In both of the last tutorials, the Menu seems not to work properly - either that or I'm doing something terribly wrong. Anyone else have this problem? I thought I had read somewhere that there were problems with the last three tutorials; if that's the case, then forgive this superfluous...
  9. pinnedmoth

    Tutorial 9 - Frozen Enemies

    Hello again. While I believe I followed the tutorial accurately and thoroughly, when I test the final result the enemy ships do not move, do not shoot projectiles, and cannot be collided with (although they do seem to absorb my bullets). Normally, I'd say that the last item was caused by the...
  10. pinnedmoth

    Tutorial 7 - Missing Text

    There seems to be missing text from the seventh tutorial. It says "So use the transparent graphic included with this tutorial..." but I see no transparent graphic included in the tutorial. Usually the graphic files are contained in links under the heading "Resources" at the beginning of the...
  11. pinnedmoth


    In following the tutorial (and adding a few idiosyncratic modifications), I've encountered three glitches: First, when I kill penguins close in proximity to each other, sometimes one will fall into the ground and get stuck there as a translucent ghostlike shade of its former self (see image...
  12. pinnedmoth

    Falling Animations

    How do you make non-player controlled animations/gadgets fall when they walk over a precipice? I just finished reading Tutorial 3 on Basic Platforming and decided to put an enemy Penguin on a ledge so it would fall to the player's rear; however, instead the penguin floats across the opposing...
  13. pinnedmoth

    Adding Graphics to IGM

    I have some graphic sets I want to test on IG Maker, but when I split the image I cannot make it come out even. Is there any solution to this problem, or do I need to discard the prefigured graphic sets? See image below.
  14. pinnedmoth


    I am new to IG Maker and have been following user Ray's tutorials, which I have found inestimably useful. However, this latest tutorial has given me some difficulties. After downloading the "tutorial autiling" file, I found that the tiles don't register as they do in the screenshots; instead...

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