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  1. Bogsy

    Spencer Megami Tensei II [Demo Included]

    *Images are rather big as they're old from December development. Some images are not final.* Most of the descriptions of the game is shown in the images below. However just in case here is a very short description...  Spencer Megami Tensei II is a sequel based on members in a group in...
  2. Bogsy

    Resoultion makes in-game windows too wide. Is it possible to change?

    Increasing resolution makes the menu windows and the other tabs absurdly huge and stretched. Is it possible to have a fixed width/height size while keeping the game itself a larger resolution? V Thanks.~
  3. Bogsy

    Adjust the alignment of the HELP bar.

    I need help to have the help text on the top left side to be on the top right to match, is it possible to do so? It's just a matter of thinks looking in order is all haha. BattleWindowsCustomization script only moves the entire box however.
  4. Bogsy

    Battle Icons Scrolling

    Since my game is sort of reliant on state stacking, I sorta need them kept in a box of some sort. Maybe like the icon scrolling what VX had? The plugins I have just adjusts where they are placed. Here's a preview of what is currently happening;
  5. Bogsy

    Resolution windows adjusting?

    While I love the fact the new RpgMaker (finally) breaks the default resolution, the really wide windows sort of bother me. Anyway to shrink the size within the blue lines? It's fine if it's only just the top. I sort of need the bottom retained. I'm using Yanfly Core if anyone asks for plugins...
  6. Bogsy


    Been a huge fan since RPGM XP, came back around cause it finally supports window sizes that was restricted since Ace. (Decided to buy it when the trial let me use 1080p mode thanks to Yan-senpais plugins) Was from the forums years ago, but I lurked more than anything. Maybe I'll...

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