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  1. Draciel

    Medieval RTP style villager clothes.

    Hi! I'm in need of villager clothes... A lot of them! So I need ideas! Can someone help? Ideas like images, sprites, something I can base my clothes on... -XP, VX, Ace or MV Limitations and such.... 1. Anything you post must be free to edit and available to commercial use. 2. Credits... Please...
  2. Draciel

    Draciel's edits and edits of edits

    Hi! As I do some edits for my game and as I don't mind sharing... Here we are!!! First, these will be edits, so there will be a lot of crediting, so be careful, or something bad may happen. IMPORTANT!!!! These were my rules, but its only first half, second half will be mentioned next to every...

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Character sprites are difficult to create so I decided to get/buy some. Got the Pixel Champions from Alexdraws. But It had no walking animation :/ But redid the free ones from the Mighty Pack <3 Turned out pretty good imo.Calistra.PNG
Tempted to come up with a unique spell naming system....But ''Fire Magic'' and ''Fire,Fira,Firaga'' are so easily recognizable :p
Yesterday I discovered that I can copy/paste multiple commands by holding shift. I tried this when I started developing holding ctrl and when it didn't work I just copied every single command one by one. For two years.

I am in heaven now.
All right, so lesson learned. No more complicated battle systems for me.
Whew, just finished a whirlwind of deadlines. Finally a tiny break. You know...I should go update my 2020 banner now.

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