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  1. RenegadeForce

    Jet's mouse system + Mog Hunter's Adv. Battle Hud + Symphony Battle Engine

    So i have  been researching itno these three scripts and thought it would be awesome to use them all at once... So I did..It looks extraordinary to me by the way. Now I have encountered a problem. When ever i want to Left Click on an enemy in a battle to select which enemy to attack the left...
  2. RenegadeForce

    [ace] Cache error line 106: failed to create bitmap

    Hi everyone.. I am using moghunters result script and jet's mouse system...I always get an error ''Cache error line 106: failed to create bitmap'' when i kill an enemy WHILE USING THE MOUSE. But when I kill an enemy using ''z'' it's alright... PLEASE help
  3. RenegadeForce

    Battle HUD

    Hi everybody I am new to rpg maker and have a simple yet complicated question (complicated for a noob (aka me))... How do you change the "Battle Hud" Via Scripting... Pic in attachment! THANK YOU RenegadeForce (yes my new name is RenegadeForce!)
  4. RenegadeForce

    High Fantasy Animated Battlers

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if there are any SIMPLE scripts out there that could make my battles animated... I have been looking around and I only found complicated scripts :( also I need the script to use the battle sheets from High fantasy and also use some of the poses...Is it...
  5. RenegadeForce

    Changing The Position of The Camera

    Hey Everybody! I was wondering if it were possible to change the X and Y cordinates of the camera view... If it is please help me out because I really need it for one scene in my game... I appreciate all help and also if it is a script it doesn't matter! I'll use what I can get! THANK YOU...
  6. RenegadeForce

    Moving the title screen options

    Hey... Whats up? I was wondering for my upcoming game if it was possible to move the title screen options (new game, continue, exit...etc) to the far right-handside of the screen instead of the middle.... I plan to have a saddened soldier (on the far right) standing on a mountain using is...
  7. RenegadeForce

    high quality resources

    Hi..... I am a newbie to rpg maker vx ace, I bought both rpg maker vx ace and the high fantasy mega resource bundle 5 months ago... I am developing a game....Renegade: Secret Kingdom.... I have been working on it for 3 months 14 days now and I  have ran into a problem... I realy dont like the...

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