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  1. RiceMaster

    What is your weakness in games?

    By weakness i mean like puzzles in games or having do a really hard parcor area with jumping and perfect timing and that stuff. BTW: This might be weird but its my first topic so sorry if it comes out a little werid..
  2. RiceMaster

    Need two of my characters wearing a bathing suit

    Hello I need someone to make these two characters wearing bathingsuits. Thank you :cutesmile:
  3. RiceMaster


    hello my name is ricemaster! i have rpg maker xp.  i never finshed my first game due to memory lost on my computer, but im making a second game. i like playing MMOS and rpgs. I don't think that ill be too active on the forums (I never am) but I hope i can learn a lot of new things and meet new...

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