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  1. waynee95

    Cannot see images

    I cannot see images in threads or conversations. I only see
  2. waynee95

    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    WAY_Achievements by waynee95 Create Achievements for your game. Features Uses the new MV1.5.0 Plugin Parameter Create many different categories Notification popup window Compatible with YEP_MainMenuManager Use any JavaScript code as the condition for your achievement How to use Put this...
  3. waynee95

    waynee95's Storage System

    WAY_StorageSystem by waynee95 Create storage systems where the player can store his items. Features Uses the new MV1.5.0 Plugin Parameter Create many different storage systems Customize every storage system individually, including the Scene Compatible with YEP_X_NewGamePlus Use YEP_CoreEngine...
  4. waynee95

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    waynee95's Plugin Collection If you need more info on the plugins, please check out the help manual of each plugin. Make sure to save each plugin as a .js file! WAY_Core WAY Core is a Utility plugin for RPG Maker MV Plugin Developement. This plugin is required for all my plugins. Place above...
  5. waynee95

    Animations are affected by Screen Tint?

    Hello! I hope this is the right place:rswt Showing an animation on map is affected by the Screen Tint, is there a way to change that? Same thing with Show Balloon. Thanks, waynee95
  6. waynee95

    YEP_X_ExtMesPack1 Choice Window Position

    I use the \msgevent[x] and \msgactor[x] text codes to display the message window above the actor/event who is currently talking. Does the choice window not adjust its position when I use the Message Positon Text Codes? Maybe it's just some compatability issue but I am quite sure I tested it...
  7. waynee95

    Skill ID 2 Scope Issue

    So, I am a bit confused right now. I changed the normal guard skill. Basically, instead of guarding you can choose an ally you want to block. This uses the substitute mechanic. I wrote a plugin that lets me change the normal substitute condition, that it works everytime and I can make...
  8. waynee95

    Show actor face on the right in message window

    Is there a way to show the actor face on the right side of the message window? Because I don't like when two people are talking and the face is only shown on the left side. I don't think it is doable without a plugin, correct me if I am wrong. I didn't find any plugin that can do something...

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