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  1. JohnOminae

    Ready to Rumble: A Plugin for Controller Vibration

    THANK YOU BreakerZero! I was literally trying to get this commissioned for the longest time. Seriously, thank you very much!
  2. JohnOminae

    Wait Extended - Use minutes, seconds, variables

    Really nice plugin! As a composer, I'm definitely using this. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!
  3. JohnOminae

    Accurate Playtime

    Thanks for this, ChampX! I can see this one being essential. Gonna try this out soon! :D
  4. JohnOminae

    What Version of RPG Maker MV are you still using?

    I use 1.6.1 and have always just updated to the latest version (backing up my projects before undertaking said updates though).
  5. JohnOminae

    What programs do you use to create music?

    I use FL Studio, and I find that to be a power DAW that's very accessible. It's not very often that my idea are limited to the DAW, but come from my own shortcomings, which propel me to improve my own internal skills. There's plenty of tutorials on the web along with free plugins for sounds. The...
  6. JohnOminae

    MV: Profile error occurred during playtest/game play - NW.js

    To clarify Bazrat's steps (thanks for figuring this out, but your steps weren't super clear) for Windows 10 users (Highly suggest shutting RPG MV off before doing this stuff and back up projects, etc.): Go to your app data folder in Windows (C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local). If you can't...
  7. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    @WickedWolfy, No problem! I'm glad you were able to get to the bottom of it with the feedback I was able to provide. I'll download your newest version and give this a spin. I'll keep you posted if I find anything else, but here's to not finding anything wrong! :D Also, if you do make a plugin...
  8. JohnOminae

    Well, that's harrowing to see!

    Well, that's harrowing to see!
  9. JohnOminae

    RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    To be honest, it's pretty laughable to me. Something tells me they'll remove that limitation in the US release. If they don't, whoever is behind the NA release has guts.
  10. JohnOminae

    Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    The Breath of Fire franchise. It was Capcom's answer for turn based RPGs at the time that grew into it's own cool thing. They had a 6th game come out in Japan for phones, but it ain't the same. Really hope they can return to that someday.
  11. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    I know the feeling, friend! :) No worries here. I'd rather you take your time and iron everything out than rush anything. I appreciate you providing an update though.
  12. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    Certainly! Here's the text block for that specific event: And here's the event in HTML form: ◆Text:None, Dim, Middle : :\autoLocked from this side... Hope this helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help you out.
  13. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    Hello Wolfy! Sorry to be a pain, but I have one more bug to report that seems to conflict with Yanfly's Message Core Extension Pack 1 ( and your plugin. Unfortunately it seems whatever change you made to overwrite the width of the...
  14. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    Hey Wolfy, No worries, mate. Thanks for providing an update to this plugin! I'm going to grab it, and play around with it. I'll provide additional feedback if needed, but last time I think the width option was the only thing. Sad to hear that Yanfly's plugin was the culprit ultimately, but I'm...
  15. JohnOminae

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Thank you, Azel! I look forward to seeing how you implement the combo meter in a future update. Moghunter's is good, but I'd also like to get away from using pictures.
  16. JohnOminae

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Very awesome plugin, but what are your terms and conditions? Will this be available for commercial, non-commercial or all project types?
  17. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my request. I'm more than happy to oblige. So, I don't know where this is inside of Yanfly Message core's code, but below is the setting I'm referring to. In your code I had to modify the following lines: Your Line: My Edit: Your Line: My Edit...
  18. JohnOminae

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    Hello WickedWolfy! First, I must say, very impressed by your plugin! Thank you very much for making it available to the community. Though, if I may suggest an enhancement, can you add an easy way to modify the width of the message box in your plugin parameters? Through Yanfly's Message Core, if...
  19. JohnOminae

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    For those looking for the previewer, the owner had to move it to a new domain for now. Go here:
  20. JohnOminae

    Looking for Wooden Dummy Character Set

    This, is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for taking this on, LadyBaskerville. I am very honored that you have taken this on. This request was definitely a little out there, but hopefully this resource can help others that are looking for something similar. I will, of course, definitely...

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