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  1. cabfe

    Best time to release a game... or the worst?

    Hello, With the quarantine in effect in a lot of countries, people are having a lot of free time and video games can help pass the time. One could think that it's the perfect moment to release your game. But... You can find dozens of games given away for free by all sorts of publishers, just...
  2. cabfe

    Vx Ace and Steam cloud... compatible for the savegames?

    Hello, As per the tradition here, I don't know if I'm creating this topic in the right section, but... Does the Steam cloud saving feature works well with VX Ace games, natively? I mean, you play a game and save your progress, not for the making of the game. I know the default saving system...
  3. cabfe

    Ace activation is endlessy trying to connect

    Hello, I've replaced my old PC by a new one and am currently installing my software. I have installed Ace, launched it and tried to activate it, but it stays stuck in an endless loop "connecting to the activation server". I suppose either said server is not responding/has changed address or my...
  4. cabfe

    Long & linear or Short & varied?

    While I was putting my notes in order, I realized that I had enough material to start writing a new story, but then a question came to me. If you had to choose between two games: - One decently long with a solid but linear story. - A shorter one but with choices and branches that allow...
  5. cabfe

    Message log à la Visual Novel-display issue

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I have a display problem and I was wondering if people would really mind it or not. I have set up a message backlog system (similar to what Visual Novels do) but I encountered a bug: the italics don't stay that way. The way I'm making my...
  6. cabfe

    Mouse-only puzzles in an RM game, yay or nay?

    While it's very early, I am already thinking about puzzles for my next adventure game. In a classic RM game, you play with the keyboard (or a game controller). There are several mouse scripts available to add this functionality too. However, I realized thanks to external beta-test that...
  7. cabfe

    Why are sometimes my sound files locked?

    Hello, I was wondering why sometimes the editor is locking my sound files. I have a sound file (0.5 second, 8KB) that, when played in the editor, is not locked when I try to delete it in the Windows Explorer. If I copy/paste this file in Audacity to expand its length, then play it in the...
  8. cabfe

    [Store] Playlist for the music packs is gone

    Hello, I was looking for a music pack on the store and got a strange error message about the playlist (on SoundCloud) that said: "Oops, we couldn’t find that playlist". Just to be sure, I clicked on several other packs but got the same error. Do I have something broken with my browser...
  9. cabfe

    Horror games: are you afraid of your own creation?

    (I just realized that my title can have two meanings...) I was making a nightmare scene and, even though I know all of its making and tricks, when I playtested the final result and pretended to be an average player, I felt something, shall I call it unease. I'm not used to this kind of scenes...
  10. cabfe

    How much time do you dedicate to game making?

    Hello everybody, I thought I was working for not so much time in a week on my game, then realized it's almost like doing a part-time job (in addition to my full-time "real" job). After work, I spend about a couple hours so that makes 10 hours by friday evening. And then I double that with my...
  11. cabfe

    Eventing or scripting, why do you choose one over the other?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I was wondering. I've sometimes read people wanting to make parts of their games using events only when scripts can do the same. Is there a particular benefit from doing it with events? Like, is it easier (for a non-scripter)? Or maybe...
  12. cabfe

    Tool or tip for animating sprites?

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a tool or anything to help animating sprites. Having the sprites' animation broken into several places on the sheet doesn't help to make a smooth move or align pixels properly. I find myself constantly editing-try in RPG Maker-back to Gimp, rinse and...
  13. cabfe

    Game Pleasure List: RPG Maker Edition

    This topic was inspired by CrazyCrab's topic Game Annoyance List: RPG Maker Edition. While writing my list of things I consider annoyances in RPG Maker games, I felt that we also need to say what we like, as a balance. Here is my list, in no special order nor exhaustive: Coherent mapping. No...
  14. cabfe

    Emotionally moved by your own creation?

    Have you ever felt emotionally moved by your own creation? It has already happened that I cried watching other people's work involving strong emotional scenes. A lot of people do, after all. But it's the first time something like that happened with my own work. As I was adding the last touches...
  15. cabfe

    About music licensing

    Hello everybody ! I got lucky enough to get the attention of a talented composer who expressed his desire to compose songs for my game. Since I'm still undecided on whether I'll make it a commercial one or not (have to talk to a lawyer first, among other things) he gave me two options: -if the...
  16. cabfe

    Wait for... seconds?

    Hello everybody, I realised while coding events to start after some set time that the Wait for x frames is doing its job too well... I mean, on a fast computer, 60 frames per second is easily obtained. But on a slow computer, a Wait for 240 frames can take longer that 4 seconds and break the...
  17. cabfe

    Bleeding Moons (demo available)

    BLEEDING MOONS What kind of game is it? Bleedings Moons is an interactive story borrowing Adventure Games and Visual Novel mechanics. It revolves around the themes of fate, duty and free will. If you have played games like To the Moon, this game is similar in its gameplay except...
  18. cabfe

    To translate name of places or not ?

    Hello everybody. I plan on doing a bilingual version of my game, original french and translated english. Even though I am far from having written all my story, I was wondering : What do you prefer regarding name of places that have actual meaning ? Do you like names to be translated in...
  19. cabfe

    Playing simultaneous BGS ?

    (I'm not sure if this is the right topic, sorry if I'm mistaken) Hello everyone, I tried to make a campfire at night. For ambient sound I have set a night BGS. But when I try to add a fire with another BGS, they do not seem to work together. Is there a way to make both sounds play...

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