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  1. Blindga

    Personal Writing Tip: Two Sentence Premise

    Here's a little test for you all out there. Consider it a challenge if you want, or a bit of random advice. I often see 'is this a good game idea' being asked a lot around here. I sometimes ask this myself, because I so often come up with lots and lots of ideas. To help eliminate some of the...
  2. Blindga

    Combat System for a dark fantasy rpg game / mechanic and story analysis

    Extending my poll from the other site in hopes of gathering a few additinal votes. Any opinions you could give, as well as your vote of course, would be of great help to me. Ultimately my final idea will likely be a comprimise or a combination of my own design not listed here, but I would still...
  3. Blindga

    Leadership is a useful skill... right? / game concept analysis

    Here's a thought I might want to analyze, and I would appreciate some replies on the idea of it. Let me start this off with a short explanation. So the game consists of two main characters: two witches. The 'main' protagonist is a beguiller witch, and her friend is a blood witch. Each of these...
  4. Blindga

    Help Me Choose a Story

    I usually am not comfortable about posting my writing ideas until they are ready, but I feel like I have a handful of good ones here and am having a hard time choosing. So, I figured I might ask. Let me sum these three up and see where I might stand as far as popular opinion goes. So tell me...
  5. Blindga

    Doom style weaponry

    Could also title this hl2 style. So basically, I took a setback, and decided to bring up some old ideas. Gunplay is involved. So, rather than do a more rpg style thing, I figured I would create a simpler system for how guns work. Basically, much like a traditional FPS game, there are a...
  6. Blindga

    Barter System Instead of Currency

    So it's been a while since I talked here. Been busy writing. So here's a gameplay idea. The Magus are a race of highly religious and very hostile druidic warriors. These men and women are creatures of cold who live without need for heat; inhabiting a beautiful frozen wonderland world as the...
  7. Blindga

    Combat technicians / Story and gameplay idea feedback

    So I have a new story I want to try out. The trick I'm working on is how to make it interesting. I could use some feedback on this current idea I have. I reorganized this into current and old ideas using spoilers. Hope it's easier to read. Old Idea1
  8. Blindga

    Unarmed damage types / idea feedback

    So it's been a while since I've said anything about my project here, so here's something I was thinking of. One of the things in my game that I'm using is that the protagonists do not kill. To summarize, in this sci-fi setting they are essentially technological entities who owe their existence...
  9. Blindga

    Essence of a creepy game

    So here's my thought. I want to make a game that's 'creepy'. Not even really really creepy, just unsettling. Definitely not horror. I want to make a game that's disturbing. Wierd like 'Hotline Miami'. Disturbing, but not disruptive. Here's my current shot at the idea. It's a bit of a mouthful...
  10. Blindga

    Magic sci-fi weapons / idea and feedback.

    So I opened up my profile here again and now I feel obligated to actually post a topic or something  so here's this idea. Just before hand, I know there is a weapon topic right next door on the forum to this one, but this is specific. Basically, to sum up this particular mechanic in my game...
  11. Blindga


    It's been a little while since I used this place. I have a bit more experience in writing and rpgmaker now, so I hope now I will have a chance to make a new entertaining game and have fun with the people here once again. My only question is if posting my game in multiple places would be...

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