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  1. Underserial

    Helper Events with Color

    Hey there, eventually some of you has a solution for this problem. Since im doing RPG Projects im using the technique for maps: Setting a event with a specifc color that helps me later to have a overview whats happening on this map. Here a example: green Events = Story Line (Means there...
  2. Underserial

    RMMZ Simple Menu

    Hey there, are there already some really simple menus? Like only having ITEMS SAVE and END GAME? Thanks!
  3. Underserial

    RMMZ Reflection

    Hey there, simple reflection of the character in specific area based on region ID. Reflections in mirror or water. Would be nice to mirror characters who are a little bit taller also. does anybody know ?! thanks
  4. Underserial

    RMMZ Dynamic shadows

    Hello there, i have a Script which worked for MV but not for MZ. I would pay to translate this to work in MZ. What does the plug-in: It’s creating a shadow of the character or event when u set it to a specific light effect or light source as the source for the shadow. the shadow gets bigger...
  5. Underserial

    RMMZ Skip title

    Hello there, i use a script called skip title. Its for testing purposes very nice, because you dont need to go to the title and click "start". Can someone help upgrading it to MZ?
  6. Underserial

    Wait Options

    Hello there, does anyone know a script for wait options. I want to set them via "wait for x seconds" command. Doesnt want to use the keys. I know this plugin: Buts its not supported anymore. Thanks. @mod: picked the wrong forum can you move to request or...
  7. Underserial

    Devtools not working

    Hey i tried testplay and devtools doesnt open for me. Im on MAC OS
  8. Underserial

    RMMZ Lightning Scripts

    Hey there, anyone having already a working lightning script? Ive tested Khas Script Terrax Lightning Both not working
  9. Underserial

    MAC OS Support

    Hello there, is only the steam version supported? Because i read on the degicashop page its supported for mac. I wanted to know this before buying. Thanks.
  10. Underserial

    Lets talk about: Talking & Dialogues

    Hey there, im searching for ways to improve my dialogues writing. Im feeling this is one of my weakpoints in game design. How do you improve here? Do you have an tipps?
  11. Underserial

    Writing Dialogues

    Hello there, do you have an Tutorial or tipps for writing dialogues. Do you write them in the Maker or outside in an program? Would be nice if you can help me improve to help with the faster writing of my dialogues. Thanks.
  12. Underserial

    Message Box Text is not fitting well

    Ive changed the font in the rpg maker mv and only in text boxes the text isnt fitting very well. the letter "F" is a little bit cut off. Hope you see it.
  13. Underserial

    Time Fantasy Flowers

    Hey there, any of you know some flowers for indoor fitting in the style or got some additional flowers for me? Thanks!
  14. Underserial

    Reflections.js | Adding some opacity?!

    Hello there, i found this plugin: It works fine, but i dont know how to use some opacity to the mirrored characters. Someone into javascript and can help here? The mirrored picture looks exactly the same and it dont look "real". Thanks for ya help.
  15. Underserial

    MirrorArea: ReferenceError mirrorCharacter is not defined

    Hey there, can anyone help me with this plugin? I want to use it with rpg maker mv 1.6.1 and getting this error: ReferenceError mirrorCharacter is not defined Im not into java script so if anyone could help would be nice! Thanks !
  16. Underserial

    Character Effects

    Hey guys, is there an plugin like this: out for MV ? I cant find any like this. Thanks.
  17. Underserial

    Quick Menu for Npc Interactions

    Hello there, I want to ask if there is an plugin or easy way to integrate an quick menu for every npc talk in the game. The quick menu must be shown every time you speek with an npc. Or you can open it via shortcut every time ... depends on the plugin. Then the player can use some choises...
  18. Underserial

    Effective Way to do animations with tiles

    Hello, im sure this is an simple question. Is there an easier way to do an animation on tiles? See this below this is how i animate an event / tile. Know any better ways?
  19. Underserial

    Perfect Speed for Event (NPCs)

    Hello together, is there any rule about setting frequency and speed of an walking npc. I tried some settings but it looks "unnatural". Do you have any tips? Thanks
  20. Underserial

    Importing Sound Effects

    Hello together, i had an issue importing some sound effects. Is it necessary to put into the se folder both file types .ogg and .m4a to get it working? Also i see only when i name the files like "Sound..." they will work i tried "sound" (the first letter is a small "s") and it didnt work. Is...

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