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  1. p0_boy

    [SOLVED MYSELF] Galv's MV Message Styles & MV Event Spawner

    Howdy again, folks- New day, new challenge. I hope that you can help :) I have been using Galv's MV Message Styles plug-in- here are some excerpts from the plug-in help to give a better idea of how it works: In addition to the examples above, \pop[0] will "target the event [that] the Show...
  2. p0_boy

    Dynamic Event Creation causing TypeError

    Aloha, folks- I have a plug-in with the following function (MapCrowd()): // Reads current map's [Note] field and assigns events to specified regions. function MapCrowd() { // Check that <clone> tag is present in [Note] field. if ($dataMap.meta.clone != undefined) {...
  3. p0_boy


    This works: function load_text_file (text_fn) { let return_value = ``; let rawFILE = new XMLHttpRequest();`GET`, text_fn, false); rawFILE.onreadystatechange = function () { if (rawFILE.status === 200 || rawFILE.status == 0) { let allText =...
  4. p0_boy


    @Poryg thanks for confirming my suspicion. Would you happen to have any suggestions on how to do this with DataManager? According to the RPGMakerMV Library, .loadDataFile doesn't return anything, so I don't think I can use .then or await. Edit: I was trying to avoid writing more functions by...
  5. p0_boy


    Howdy, folks- I have the following code: let event_to_clone = (eventId_code) => { let result = {}; switch (eventId_code === parseInt(eventId_code, 10)) { case false: let temporary = eventId_code.toString().split(`.`); let mapId = temporary[0]...
  6. p0_boy

    Hardware Recommendations

    Thank you, @ShadowDragon and @caethyril !
  7. p0_boy

    Hardware Recommendations

    I hope I am posting this in the right forum. If not, I apologize. I've been using RPG Maker MV on a MacBook Pro for a few months now and it is working splendid, but I am looking to purchase a second computer that I can use for testing Windows builds. Steam lists RMMV's minimum requirements...
  8. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    No worries, @caethyril - at least your info has given me something to mull over! Unfortunately, sprite.bitmap._image.src doesn't seem to be a valid way to pass the base64 string... otherwise, sprite.bitmap could be assigned to this.bitmap and maybe solve the problem. There seems to be no way...
  9. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    Thanks, @caethyril . I'm a bit daft, so I hope you don't mind if I press you for a few more answers... (1) In your example, is pics an object array of base64 data strings with names? Like: var pics = {}; pics["blank"] = '' +...
  10. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    Is there any way to designate a Base64 image string / data url as the image of an event? There are many posts about saving PNGs as Base64 data strings but I can't find anything about the best practice for loading them. I came across this post by @mogwai which shows how to use one for the...
  11. p0_boy

    More Questions About Asynchronous Programming

    Hello again, e'rybody- I have the following JSON object, stored in a variable ($gameSystem._ipLookupJSON): Each of the keys in the object above is a URL. I am trying to write a function ($._findService()) that: Goes through each key one by one, Sends that key to another function...
  12. p0_boy

    Check if URL exists

    Thank you @Trihan and @Poryg for the confirmation / explanation / and fix. I tried @Poryg 's suggestion, but I am still coming up with a false value: Here's the function, modified based on @Poryg 's fix: $._urlExists = function(url_to_check) { $gameSystem._urlExists = false...
  13. p0_boy

    Check if URL exists

    Hello, party people in the place to be- I have the following Frankenstein function: $._urlExists = function(url_to_check) { var result = false; // check if string is valid url format, source: var pattern = new...
  14. p0_boy

    How to play an animation pose

    The tutorial section has good and bad guides. I think this one was particularly useful-
  15. p0_boy

    List of Event Codes

    @Dreadshadow sorry for double-posting. I am working on a script that lets me build and destroy events dynamically- in an effort to make the enemies in my game more interesting (since I am using an ABS system), among other things. I spent last week creating a shorthand interpreter for the...
  16. p0_boy

    List of Event Codes

    @Shaz 's scripts pointed me in the right direction. But for my purposes, I just ended up: Manually creating a list of the 105 Event Commands. Creating an event with each of these commands, all separated by an identical comment ("separator") Writing a function which I ran in the console, which...
  17. p0_boy

    List of Event Codes

    Most excellent- thanks, @Shaz !
  18. p0_boy

    List of Event Codes

    Howdy, folks- New week, new query. Thank you to everybody who has given me help thus far. I have tried to crawl through Google to find an answer but am not able to find anything- is there a list that exists anywhere that indicates the event codes for events as they appear in the map JSON...
  19. p0_boy

    Closed eyes edit

    i don't know if this is any better than what you were making, but... hope this helps.
  20. p0_boy r.i.p. events

    about the plug-in "patay" means dead in the tagalog language. does just that- it 'kills' events dynamically and makes sure they stay dead. for use with methods that generate new events through code during gameplay, and other neat applications. download killEvents.js [Google...

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